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Onboarding consists of videos and online content presented below, combined with 1-2 calls to answer questions as you go through this process.

Step 1: Please complete the Video Playlist below. Estimated time 10 minutes.

Step 2: Please click through the Support Pages links and review the materials.

Step 3: Please use our boberBot in the lower right corner to take a short comprehensive exam regarding the Video Playlist and Support Pages content.

Step 4: Please schedule your next call once you have completed and passed the exam.

In this section we will go over Reports and Webhooks, and look at the Refunds and Sales Reps tabs. We will also look at the Tools and Logs and the functions available for you there.

Video Playlist


Video List

Webhooks/Notifications/Magic Strings: 2 minutes

How To Process Refunds: 2 minutes

Sales Representatives: 4 minutes

Similarity Errors: 1 minute

Lead Logs: 1 minute

Support Pages


Reports Guide

Webhooks Guide

Lead Logs

Ping Post Lead Log

Feature List

Ping Post Scenarios