Version 5.8 (May 2018)

Added a new Billing & Payments tab for payment and self-management of boberdoo monthly invoices.
Added a new ping post Bid Experiment tool to AB test ping post bidding strategies.
Added new system processing logic for Earnings Per Lead (EPL).
Added a new EPL History tool to Lead Filter Sets.
Added new system processing logic for Weighted delivery.
Added a new section for setting up your own IVRs for Inbound Phone campaigns.
Standardized the Facebook Lead Ads integration.
Added new options for automatically deleting sensitive fields and other lead data.
Added new secure export feature to retain lead information in Amazon S3.
Updated the two factor authentication for the Admin, Partner and Vendor logins.
Added a new payment gateway - Braintree.
Added a new option for Advanced Lead Limits set at the Partner account level.
Added a new option for Advanced Total Hourly Limits set at the Partner account level.
Added a new report - Admin Leads Report by Transaction Date.
Added a bulk filter set activate/deactivate option after running a filter in the Filter List tab.
Added hide Lead Type tool.
Organized Invoicing Report to be included in the standard Reports section.
Added a new option to set Forms Manager Thank You page to standard boberdoo XML response.
Added a new option to set lead limits for Pings Per Minute.
Added a "Send Now" tool to Timed Reports.
Added a new Time Period for Timed Reports - past 7 days.
Added a new Time Period for Timed Reports - last 3 hours.
Added a new API for reDeliverLeads.
Updated the pingPostLeadAPI specifications.
Added a new standard Partner signup form.
Added a download tool for Suppression Lists that are uploaded to Partner accounts.
Added a new tool to customize the displayed columns in Source/Vendor Settings.
Added a new filter to the Leads page to select Unmatched failures.
Added a new tool to export Transactions in Partner accounts.
Added a Form Key column to the Forms Manager table.
Improved the Company Name quick search in the Partners tab.
Added a new option to default new Partner accounts to have no credit limit.
Adjusted the Changed Fields To Send Leads page export window to de-select all fields by default.
Added a warning popup when attempting to bulk reprocess multiple leads.
Added export functionality to the Filter List tab.
Allowed searching for multiple Terminating Phone values on the Leads page.
Added a notes section to the custom delivery wizard.
Added a lead export tool to the Vendor login.
Added new logs to show the minimum number of minutes for a successful call in IPR Lead Logs.
Added a new field for Best Price Returned to the Leads page export window.
Updated the user interface for payment modules.
Fixed an Aged Leads sorting bug.
Reorganized Cherry Picker deliveries tab.
Updated the user interface for the Call Center Tools window.
Removed an old user interface URL shortcut.
Improved the Calendar feature in the Partner login.
Improved the Filter List ID organization.
Fixed various bugs and made improvements for mobile device usage.

Version 5.7 (February 21, 2017)

Added a new API Specs page.
Added new feature that will auto log out the user back to the login screen if session is idle for more than 15 minutes.
Adjusted multiple pages that still had old UI settings to have new UI.
Added new option where you can re-order how fields are displayed in Lead Filter Set pop up.
Added a Facebook Lead Ad integration that allows you to use multiple fan pages within one Facebook account.
Added a new report that can export your Lead Rejects data.
Added a quick search option on Partners tab for Company Name.
Added a column in the Form Manager to easily identify the Form Key value.
Added a “Waiting For Feedback” flag on the home page ticket section so you know which tickets are awaiting your reply.
Added the “Lead Details Report” as a base report in Partners section.
Added a tool icon on Partner page to jump directly to the Invoicing/Billing tab.
Rearranged Tickets page so Support Tickets are at the top and Internal Tickets are at the bottom.
Added a Favorites section to Reports tab.
Added a new API for adding new allowed values to your lead types: func=addEnums.
Added a new API that will return back possible matching Partner information: func=getPossibleMatchingPartners.
Added a new API that will redeliver a specific Lead ID or set of Lead IDs: func=redeliverLead.
Added a new API that will return back matching Partner information on the ping: func=pingPostLeadWithDetails
Fixed the XML styling display in the Lead Log pop up.
Fixed formatting issue on certain pages where data would spill over and not be scrollable.
Added a quick search option on Leads tab for Phone and Email.
Optimized overall lead system for various bug fixes and improvements.
Adjusted Timed Reports Send Now button to run the report in the background.
Disabled ability to switch to old UI.

Version 5.6 (June 28, 2016)

Added a new report to the Buyer Login section, your lead buyers can run this report to export the leads they have purchased from you and all of their lead details.
Fixed an issue specific to the Internet Explorer browser displaying invalid dates and icons.
Replaced the old image captcha with the new Google Recaptcha feature.
Fixed an issue with Vendor Filter dropdowns not saving properly.
Added new option to get setup with Facebook LeadAds so leads post into your system.
Retracted the Web Campaigns section for internal review and improvements.
Added new color coded options for “Unmatched” leads.
Rebranded the name of our Marketing Manager feature to Outbound Automation
Added a new feature to the Lead Filter Set, so you can flag a filter to only accept leads that are reprocessed/not sold in real time.
Edited the posting specs page to include a specific URL for Testing.
Updated Webhooks/Notifications to allow for the webhooks to be sent on a delay.
Added validation to the Transactions tab so no commas are allowed when manually entering in a payment.
Adjusted validation in Lead Filter Sets Zip section to allow for comma, semi colon or new line entries.
Added a new standard report called Admin Returns Report, that only includes leads that have been refunded and all their details.
Optimized overall lead system for various bug fixes and improvements.

Version 5.4 (February 17, 2016)

Fixed a bug where the Weekly Recurring Charge Day Of Week dropdown was blank. This is for Add Funds Settings for CIM.
Added a new feature for Pings Per Minute. You can set limits at the filter set or account level to control the amount of pings they can receive.
Added a new system option to make only Active buyers appear in your Buyers tab.
Fixed a bug where you could not upload a logo to a Buyer’s account settings page.
Adjusted the main reporting tabs to include reports that query data by both Lead Insert Date and Transaction Date.
Fixed various bugs and optimized overall system performance.

Version 5.3 (November 30, 2015)

Added a new API updateSRC that allows Source settings to be changed via an API call.
Consolidated the DNC check with the Opt Out list so they are the same list.
Removed the Default Delivery Settings tab from the create new Partner process. All deliveries are configured in the Partner’s Lead Filter Set.
Added a new clickable button in the Show Lead Log to display the full log of what was sent to the Partner.
Added a new icon to the Leads page to indicate if the lead was a successful Live Transfer.
Added a new column to the Forms Manager section under Form Fields Configuration for Mapped Field Name.
Fixed an issue in the Ticketing system where new conversations were not being added if certain special characters were used.
Updated the updatePartnerSettings API to include a new field for adjusting the Credit Limit
Added a new switch in the Partner Account Settings to allow Partners to edit their own lead prices (only able if they currently have ability to change/edit their Lead Filter Sets).
Updated the Lead Limits dropdown boxes to contain higher ranges to be selected.
New switch to disable the Overall Dedupe Check from being an option in the Partner Account Settings.
Added new option to the Source settings to allow a specific SRC to not have a duplicate check on the lead insert.
Updated the Show Lead Log icon to highlight which Lead Filter Set ID a log applies to.
Updated the systemew status banner added to the top of Leads page and Partners page if your database is connected to the slave database. This will inform you how many seconds the slave database is behind if connected.
Added a new option to hardcode the “Theme” so it is the same for all login sections (admin, partner, vendor) instead of each user login having their own option.
Fixed various bugs and optimized overall system performance.

Version 5.2.1 (July 20, 2015)

Added a new system color theme called “Light Contrast”. All fonts are black instead of gray.
Added new API for adding money to a bucket in web campaigns
Fixed typo in the standard API “pingPostLead” specifications for the Return_Best_Price field being required
Added new permission under manage user groups for “can remove partners/buyers”
Improved performance on Tools/Logs > Lead Logs page
Optimization performed during the ping to check the credit limit after MultiCurl
Added new fields for refunds to the standard report “Admin Leads Report” and made it as an available timed report
Changed the standard report “Total Leads Sold” so there is a new column for “Number of unique leads”
Adjusted the standard API “createNewPartner” to allow the credit limit to be set
Added new standard report “Refund Details Report”
Added Do Not Call (DNC) icon to the vendor login section
Changed the order of the cherry picker columns to match the lead type specs order
Added new option to the leads page filter for excluding a list of phone numbers to search for
Added switch that can be enabled to arrange lead filter sets in alphabetical order vs. customized drag and drop order
Adjusted filter set history section to highlight what exact changes were made
Added new switch to enable/disable filter set name displaying in buyer login section
Adjusted the account settings history tab to show accounts and lead filter sets that have been deleted/removed
Added new field to the custom delivery wizard to send/map lead filter set name
Added new options for “Time of Day” and “Day of Week” in the vendor’s filters section
Changed the unmatched icons color coding scheme when filtering by pings only on the leads page
Added new option for hourly lead limits to be set at account level and/or lead filter set level

Version 5.1.5 (March 17, 2015)

Fixed column priority configuration bug
Fixed bug in Custom Delivery Wizard – XML nodes switch works on the ping
Reworked Phone Services icon for IPR leads to display better in new UI
Added tab under Tools/Logs called Lead Export Manager – used to cancel exports that get stuck
System optimization to improve speed of Lead Logs search feature
Fixed bug that prevented lead limits from being saved in account settings
New vendor advanced setting – allow vendor to view the cost and revenue fields on Leads page
System optimization to enhance error monitoring
System optimization to improve memory check
Fixed bug to encapsulate field values better in new UI
Reworked approve and process lead manually button on Leads page to display better in new UI
Added “Issue CC Refund” option to refund payments directly back to
Reordered support tickets on home page with most recent listed at the top

Version 5.1.4 (January 30, 2015)

UI redesign for international inbound phone routing
Maintenance on daily limit reporting for advanced lead limit settings
Fixed account pause on transaction failure switch
Added {COST} magic string for bucket tickets
Cherry picker admin updated to new UI
Added manual date input for date range selection
Added Sub_ID and Pub_ID to vendor search filter
Added link to sample tickets
Added new feature pagination to lead filter sets
Added new standard report “Admin Leads Report”
Added new feature pagination to lead rejects
Additional characters allowed in username field
Added column field priority sort functionality for mobile
Fixed permissions for filters in partners section
Added remove functionality to leads export
Fixed filter leads by campaign for inbound phone routing
Fixed filter leads by by partner “all in system”
More pages updated to new UI

Version 5.1.1 (November 4, 2014)

CDN for forms manager
More pages in new UI

Version 5.1 (October 30, 2014)

Quick search for lead ID
Get call duration option for delivery wizard

Version 5.0.33 (October 27, 2014)

Sensitive data cleanup
More options for sending deliveries over SSL/TLS
Forms manager changes for payday
Slots pinged to ping record added
Adding more columns into various reports
Widgets optimizations

Version 5.0.32 (October 22, 2014)

Fixing dashboards on admin for custom reports
Dialer reporting
Test leads functionality expanded

Version 5.0.31 (October 20, 2014)

DNS alias support added
Bulk leads update for aged leads
Pub ID manager
Unmatched leads during off hours
Different payout to vendor
Dialer into partner admin new UI
Right click in menu fixed

Version 5.0.30 (September 30, 2014)

International system performance tweaks
Minimal price for ping success on ping addition

Version 5.0.28 (September 17, 2014)

Distance calculation in miles/km
Various input date formats for international systems
New fields available for lead exports with performance improvements

Version 5.0.27 (September 2, 2014)

Further new UI performance optimization
IE9 UI fixes
Web campaign reports – admin
Interactive help popup
New API – submitPayment, getPingValue

Version 5.0.26 (August 14, 2014)

Export leads
Overall performance improvement in new UI
Phone formatting changes for international systems
Notifications for new support tickets
WebCampaigns for vendor

Version 5.0.23 (August 1, 2014)

New Report – redirect report
Client access to suppression list for aged leads
Enhancements to hours of operation filter partial update
SMS refactoring

Version 5.0.21 (July 10, 2014)

Cherry picker enhancements
Dialer enhancements
SRC after hours margin
New web campaigns.
Fixed new filter set bugs.

Version 5.0 (June 1, 2014)

New user interface.
Updated new forms manager with wizard.
Custom CSS editor added.