The Cherry Picker

Aged leads are still a large part of the lead industry. Even as government regulations continue to crack down on marketers’ and service providers’ abilities to contact individuals, aged leads still remain a vital part of many businesses. Whether you sell or buy aged leads, you know that the traditional process is imperfect. The seller packages up a group of aged leads and the buyer hopes he/she gets qualified leads that are still interested in their service. This process stops there. However, with a lead distribution system, you have an entirely new option for buying and selling aged leads. Enter the Cherry Picker.

Cherry Picker Options

boberdoo’s Cherry Picker allows you to put your unsold leads back on the shelf. This applies both to leads that never sold to a single buyer as well as those that were eligible to be sold more than once, but never reached their total limit. Once configured and enabled in your boberdoo system, the cherry picker allows you to specify exactly which aged leads you put up for sale and additional rules associated with them. You can even specify the fields that your buyers can see for each lead type. Finally, you also have the ability to adjust your lead price based on the age of the lead. This allows you to find the right balance between how many aged leads you sell and how much you can make for each one.

cherry picker

The Buyer Side

Your buyers can view your aged leads through their Partner login and manually cherry pick which leads they’d like to buy. Once the purchase is made, your buyer will be able to see the full lead details immediately, as if the lead had been delivered in real time.

cherry picker

While the majority of the lead industry is moving away from aged data, boberdoo’s Cherry Picker provides an opportunity for those looking for an additional revenue stream. The Cherry Picker is just one of many advanced features found in every boberdoo lead distribution system. If you would like to learn more about boberdoo and how we can help your business maximize your revenue on every lead, please give us a call at 800-776-5646. If you are a current client and would like to activate the cherry picker in your system, please contact support.