This feature has been discontinued. clients are now able to activate and resell Dialer packages to their customers. The Dialer allows users to efficiently call through hundreds of contacts in a fraction of time. This process is all done within the lead system. Currently, clients are using the Dialer to prospect from new lead buyers as well as contact leads that need to be manually approved. With power of dialer packages, lead companies will now be able to help their lead customers close more deals. The Dialer automates many of the routine tasks that normally take a lot of sales person’s time. Examples of this are leaving voice-mails with prerecorded messages or automated emails, based on how the user dispositions the call.

One of the new Dialer features is the ability to do both live and blind transfers. A lead company using the system can call out to either raw prospects or internet leads. With just a click of a button, they can determine which of their lead buyers will match the lead. One more click and the user can connect to the buyers and transfer the calls. The system charges the lead buyer for the calls and delivers the data to them.

The lead company manager also has new reports to help them monitor activities of the users that are making the calls. Finally, the most recent release allows calls directly from the browser. Users have the option off calling the Dialer directly from their browsers (headset required). They can dial a local number and enter a pin code. The browser calls save time and money, both on the inbound charges and on the need of a traditional phone line to get to the Dialer.