Getting Started With Outbound Automation


You’ve just signed up to use Outbound Automation by boberdoo! Now let’s get you set up. Please follow the instructions below in order to get started.

Step 1: Integrate Your AWS Account

Our system requires an AWS integration and utilizes the Amazon services: S3, SNS and SES (Optional).

Step 2: Integrate Each of Your Email Service Providers

To send emails through Outbound Automation, you must integrate at least 1 ESP. We highly recommend utilizing at least 2 ESPs before sending any emails. We integrate with each of the ESPs listed below. Click for integration instructions.

Step 3: Complete Setup Page Information

Before navigating away from the Setup page, your last step is to complete the Company Information and Notification Email sections. The company information is used as magic strings throughout the system. Notification emails are used to alert you if one of your Email Service Providers fails to send an email. Both the Company Information and the Notification Email can be changed at any time. Once you update these two sections, you are free to navigate throughout the system.

Step 4: Build a List

Now that your system is set up, let’s build your first campaign. The first step in setting up a campaign is adding a static or dyanamic list.

Step 5: Build your Creatives

It is important to note that before you can construct a campaign, you must first build each of the email creatives you plan on using.

Step 6: Construct your Campaign

You’re finally ready to build  your campaign. Since there are many campaign options to consider, we recommend taking a look at our best practices page. 

Download Our Lead Re-Marketing Whitepaper