Integrate Onesignal


Step 1: Create a OneSignal Account

Sign up for a free OneSignal account from the link above. Confirm your account via email and access the OneSignal user interface.

Step 2: Add New App

Next, you need to build an app that you will integrate with Outbound Automation to send push notifications through. From the OneSignal dashboard, click the Add a new app button and name your app.

Select Platform: Next select Website Push as your platform and click next. Choose Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox and click next.

Configure Platform: For the Site URL field add an asterisk *. You can leave the Default Notification Icon URL blank. You will be able to add a notification image from within OA. If your site is not fully HTTPS, check the checkbox. This will adjust the settings for the next step. If you are not sure if your site is HTTP or HTTPS, contact us.

Select SDK: Select Website Push and click next.

Install SDK: Next, you will need to install the SDK on the website that you plan on gathering your push notification opt-ins. If your site is fully HTTPS, follow these instructions. If your site is NOT fully HTTPS, follow these instructions. Once you complete these steps, return to your OneSignal add new app wizard and click the Check Subscribed Users button. After a successful step, click Done.

If you have trouble with the above step, please let us know. We’d be happy to help.

Step 3: Copy Your Credentials

From your OneSignal Dashboard, click on your newly created app. Access the App Settings tab and navigate to the Keys & IDs. Copy both the OneSignal App ID and the REST API Key. Next access your OneSignal Account tab and copy your User Auth Key.

Step 4: Integrate With Outbound Automation

Next, go to your Outbound Automation system and navigate to the Setup tab. Locate the Push Notifications section and click Add New. Name your account and select Onesignal from the dropdown. Paste in the credentials you copied from step 3.  In the Web push notification’s icon, enter the URL of an 80×80 image to display in each push notification. Click Save.

Your OneSignal account is now integrated in your Outbound Automation system! 

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