Lead Distribution Logic

Lead distribution software allows you to automate all of your lead business’s back-office tasks. From tracking and segmenting all incoming leads to matching, distributing and selling them to your buyers. However,a standard lead distribution process only works for a handful of lead companies. Virtually every lead company does things just a little differently and has very specific needs that must be met to remain profitable.

One of the biggest variations in how lead companies run their business is their lead distribution logic. Do you want to sell your leads based on priority? Maybe you want to evenly distribute your leads. Or maybe you want to maximize your revenue on every single lead.

With the boberdoo lead distribution system, you don’t need to compromise. We provide several unique lead distribution options that are meant to cater to your existing distribution practices or even be adopted as new ways to optimize your lead flow and maximize your revenue.

Give every buyer a priority value and always sell your leads to the highest priority buyer available. Or route leads evenly on a round-robin basis.

Sell leads via ping post to ensure you are always selling every lead at the highest value

Factor in each buyer's leads/calls received vs leads/calls accepted to generate an Earnings Per Lead value. Then base all routing on this value rather than offered price.

Assign specific weighting parameters to your buyers to customize the distribution process on a per-client basis.

The method primarily used in the Payday Loan vertical that allows you to attempt to sell each lead at the highest value one pricing tier at a time.

Custom Logic

Not seeing a distribution option that meets your needs? We can build custom distribution logic into your system.

boberdoo.com has been building lead distribution software since 2001. Over the years we have developed several new lead distribution logic options that continue to help our clients automate their lead businesses and maximize their profits. If you're interested in exploring the boberdoo lead and call distribution system, please fill out the form below.