Lead Generation Management System


The lead generation management system is a web-based system for managing and distributing leads. This system is a great time and money saver. For many lead companies, it automates large amounts of tasks, most lead companies do by hand (such as matching and sending leads). It also automates many of the processes that require a phone call from lead buyers (such as lead refunds and adding money to their accounts).

Any type of “lead” can be used by the system; it is simply a matter of deciding which fields in the application will be criteria that your lead buyers can choose from. For example, a mortgage lead system may have state, loan type, property type, and credit rating as criteria. A debt consolidation lead system might have state, total debt, and number of creditors as criteria. The system was initially built for mortgage leads and then we rebuilt it from scratch to accommodate any lead type.

Generally, it takes about one hour to explain all system features over the phone to interested lead company. To get a real understanding of the system, please visit our View the Features page and watch the video walk-throughs.

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Here are some of the Lead Generation Management System features.
• Submit and process leads in real time based on custom business rules that you manage.
• Bulk upload aged data and sell on a batch basis to clients while managing duplicates.
• Lead buyers receive their leads within seconds
• If allowed, lead buyers can sign up themselves, choose their own criteria, add money to their account, and start receiving leads without ever needing to talk to you
• Lead buyers can choose their own lead format – text email, html email, .csv email attachment, .pdf email attachment, and we can even set up a custom lead delivery, in case your lead buyers have their own CRM solutions.
• Lead buyers can add more money to their account (integrated with Authorize.net, PayPal, Verisign, and Paysimple), change criteria, prevent leads from coming while on vacation
• Lead buyers can request for lead refunds online, and must choose from predetermined list of reasons for refund
• Grant or deny lead refunds online in seconds – also, see what reasons lead buyers are giving for refunds so you can audit the leads
• Can work as either an exclusive or non-exclusive system (leads just going to one person or more than one person)
• Ability to charge different lead buyers different rates
• Reporting module to track your lead sources, lead buyers, profits, lead returns
• Newsletter system to keep in contact with your lead buyers
• Manage your sales team and calculate their commissions
• Lead management tool for your lead buyers (lead status, notes, logs, etc.)
• Control permission levels for your lead company employees so that only certain employees have privileged access to certain data in the lead system
• Send out notification emails to staff, lead buyers, and leads when events occur (lead returns, new leads, etc.)
• Lead buyers can have sub-accounts so your clients can redistribute their leads automatically down to their sales reps
• Force lead buyers to prepay or extend them a credit limit
• Custom de-duping periods
• Set daily and monthly lead limits for lead buyers
• Distribute leads in real time or batch
• Cherry picker system for lead buyer purchasing older leads
• Vintage lead system for selling aged leads to lead buyers in bulk


In essence, the system will save you time which will allow you to focus more on marketing for leads or marketing for more lead buyers, and not having to hassle with operations that are not a revenue source.

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