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Beata Borzasi

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Error, Office Not Found - A Memoir Of The Data Science Team

My first memory of working at boberdoo dates back to 2014. As a Hungarian data science fresh grad I received a one-year grant to gain hands-on and relevant experience in the United States....

AWS QuickSight Use Cases Part 2

Use Case #2: Drilling-down into massive data (Part 1)

AWS QuickSight Use Cases Part 1

Use Case #1: Answering ad-hoc questions with visualization Understand the Challenge Home Improvement Leads LLC (HIL) collects quality leads from various sources and sells them to companies offering...

AWS QuickSight Overview

What Is AWS QuickSight? AWS QuickSight is a fast self-serve business intelligence tool from Amazon. This program allows you to easily and simply create stunning visualizations, build rich dashboards,...

What Lead Generators Can Learn From A/B Testing

Marketers have been using A/B Testing for many years to optimize the combination of various elements meant to attract and engage customers. A/B experiments are usually set up to measure the...