Canadian Call Routing? Take Off, You Hoser!

Did you know that you can incorporate Canadian call routing with the rest of your inbound call campaigns in the system?  As lead generation companies search for new revenue streams, the international market is something that should be considered, and what better way to ease into that market than with calls.  You maintain all of the functionality of our existing call routing plus the high contact rates, immediate feedback and premium that calls demand make Canadian call routing the perfect addition to your lead portfolio to attract buyers in this market.

Canadian Call Routing
Canada is the 37th largest country by population, with over 35 million, but 7th in terms of average wages and 2nd in terms of land mass.  It is a big country that needs to be geographically segmented for lead generation. With a sound infrastructure and “free” health care, Canada could be attractive to many verticals.  Do you have buyers that can service Canadian citizens?  Expand your marketing to our friends up north and grow your lead business.  To better illustrate how you can benefit from Canadian call routing, we will look a personal favorite movie of mine, The Adventures of Bob & Doug McKenzie: Strange Brew, and explore some of the different lead generation verticals they could have utilized during their adventure.

Bob and Doug Go To Rehab…

Bob and Doug are about to put the mouse in the beer bottle when a TV commercial appears, “Do you have a drinking problem?  Call 800-555-QUIT…” Bob calls the number (which gets routed through boberdoo of course) and gets into a program.

Bob and Doug Get Out Of Debt…

Clean and sober, Bob and Doug are ready to get their finances in order. Given they previously tried to stuff a rodent in a bottle, we can assume they have a significant amount of credit card debt.  Canadian call routing to the rescue, as Doug makes the first call to get them out of debt.

Elsinore Brewery Hires An Electrician…

What’s up with all these electrical problems?  Video games going crazy, the fence shorting out…Rosie, the voice-of-reason, steps in and dials the number for home improvement services he received in an email that morning, is routed to a competent electrician names Angus who repairs their issues and brings the brewery back into tiptop shape.

Bob and Doug Get A Private Investigator…

Bob and Doug are now on the wagon and have a couple of bucks in their pocket thanks to the debt settlement.  Rather than attempting to help Pam Elsinore themselves, they do the smart thing and call an 800 number for local private investigators.  They are routed to the P.I. in their area who is able to get to the bottom of the mystery and nabs Brewmeister Smith within 1 day.

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Rosie and Pam Get Married…

Bob and Doug, tasked with the responsibility of organizing the wedding, continue to do the smart thing and google “wedding planner Toronto.”  The ad by a savvy client immediately catches their eye, they call the 800 number provided on the landing page and hire the perfect person to ensure the wedding goes off without a hitch.

Is Strange Brew A Better Movie With Canadian Call Routing?

Of course not!  But I hope this posts gives you some ideas on how to expand into the Canadian market with call routing. You have incredible flexibility with call routing, from customized IVRs to call durations to routing live transfers, and Canadian call routing can provide your lead business with additional revenue streams.

The distribution system allows you to keep your entire operation in one platform, giving you maximum flexibility with client budgets, tracking and ultimately maximizing the revenue for each lead you generate.  If you are already a client, the call routing functionality is already in your system.  Simply lease an 800 number, place it on your web property and start generating calls.  To learn more about inbound call routing in the lead distribution system, please click on the Contact Us tab or call 800-776-5646.

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