5 Signs You Should Invest In Inbound Call Routing

Grow Your Business With Inbound Call Routing

Inbound call routing has been a method of lead generation since the telephone was invented. If the first call from Alexander Graham Bell was “Come here I want to see you,” the next call was to a plumber saying, “Come fix my outhouse ASAP.” Even today, inbound call routing is vital to lead generation. And with boberdoo.com, the process is simple. You market a number, a leads call in and you route them to the correct buyer. Not only is the process simple, but calls are also worth more than web leads because of the high contact rate and the motivation of the leads. However, for a practice as proven and financially beneficial as inbound call routing, many business owners still ignore this opportunity. If you are unsure whether adding inbound call routing to your business is the right move, here are 5 signs to help you make a decision.

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1. High Traffic

High traffic to your website and marketed content is certainly not a bad thing. However, are you taking full advantage of this traffic? If you already have large amounts of potential leads visiting your sites, adding a phone number will only increase your lead totals and increase your profits by giving the potential lead 2 opportunities to convert, either submitting their info on the web form or calling the 800 number.

2. Low Conversion Rate

If you are experiencing low conversion rates, the problem might be that the form is just too long or intimidating. If you incorporate inbound call routing into your business and offer a toll-free number for your traffic to call, you are providing an additional method of contact. This captures the people that prefer to call and who would otherwise leave your site and fail to convert.  This is also good opportunity to qualify and add value to a lead prior to distribution to your clients.

3. Selling to Agents/Contractors

If you are already selling leads directly to agents, contractors or anyone else that can directly service the needs of the lead, inbound call routing can help you help them. By routing calls directly to your buyer, you can allow immediate access to the lead at the time when the lead is most likely to buy. You can sell these leads for more, allow your buyers to close more business and encourage them to buy more from you in the future.

4. Getting a Lot of Mobile Traffic

Web forms, especially lengthy ones, are notoriously difficult to convert with mobile traffic.  Who really wants to submit an auto insurance form from their iphone?  However, if you have access to good mobile traffic, adding inbound call routing may allow you to capitalize on this traffic and open up your clients to a new world of potential sales.

5. Already Have A Lead Distribution System

If you already have a lead distribution system, inbound call routing is already available to you. In fact, with sophisticated systems such as the boberdoo.com lead distribution system, you can order a phone number within the system and route and bill for each call with the same logic as with web leads.

Everyone runs their lead business differently, but we often stress the usefulness of inbound call routing. Even in the age of web browsing on smartphones and social media marketing, phone calls are still the workhorse that drives sales. By also selling inbound calls, you give yourself a new revenue opportunity, cater to your customers’ needs and provide buyers another reason to do business with you.

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boberdoo.com has been building lead distribution systems exclusively since 2001. Since that time, the boberdoo system has evolved to efficiently route both web leads and calls (domestic and international) and provide lead sellers with the tools and options they need to maximize the revenue on every lead sold. If you want to add inbound phone routing to your business, make more money on each lead or simply learn more about what boberdoo can do for your business, feel free to call 800-776-5646 or click the Contact Us tab to reach us.

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