Why You Should Utilize Intelligent Call Routing

Generally speaking, most call campaigns are built to route each call based on the geographic location of the caller. This is typically done by capturing the caller’s area code and associating it with the state they are likely calling from. Routing calls via state is certainly a useful option, but let’s think about it. How many contractors or agents are willing to buy calls from any ol’ caller in their entire state of operation? Highly unlikely. But it goes beyond that. How reliable is a caller’s area code when it comes down to nailing their location? Hint: less and less reliable every day as people move, abandon home phones and rely on various VOIP services for calls. The truth is, there is a better way to get targeted calls to the right buyers. Enter intelligent call routing.

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What is intelligent call routing?

You may be able to find various definitions for intelligent call routing if you search hard enough, but for our purposes, we refer to intelligent call routing in reference to the use of an IVR (interactive voice response). For those not already aware, an IVR is an automated voice and keypad option that interacts with a caller. For example, anytime you make a call and receive the option to “Press 1 for X, Press 2 for Y…” you are interacting with an IVR.

What are the benefits of using intelligent call routing?

Using an IVR is the best way to segment each incoming call. It just so happens that by segmenting each call, you can more effectively route each call to the buyer that is willing to pay the most at any given time. One simple IVR option is to request the caller to enter their zip code. Once they do, your call routing software finds the best available buyer and immediately routes and sells the call. Of course, you can also build more sophisticated IVR requests with multiple menus and options to further segment, or even gather additional information for the call buyer.

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How do I implement an IVR for my call campaigns?

That’s where boberdoo steps in. We are more than happy to build you a custom IVR for any call campaign. All boberdoo clients have the ability to not only intelligently segment all incoming calls, but also construct filter sets for each individual buyer.

Selling calls is a more sophisticated and profitable practice than ever before. Why not use the system that lead generation companies have been utilizing since 2001? If you would like to discuss intelligent call routing or the boberdoo lead and call distribution system in greater detail, please give us a call at 800-776-5646 or request a demo below!

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