Setting Up Facebook Ads for Home Improvement

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Facebook has more information about you than you'd think. Facebook uses dozens of sources of information to find out what you've been doing both on and offline. They can pull in credit card history, geo-targeting from your phone, and tons of other information you would never think to give out. Facebook has this information on billions of people. So you'd better believe their targeting is fantastic.

4 Options For Better Facebook Ads For Home Improvement

When setting up targeting for your Facebook home improvement ads, you've got a number of options to take. Facebook splits these options into many categories, but today we're only interested in four: Demographics, Interests, Purchase Behavior, and Residential Profiles.

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This is the simplest targeting, but also the least reliable. Targeting by age, gender, income, and location, you can narrow your audience down a fair amount to be mostly home owners. According to The Atlantic, the average age of a home buyer is between 32 and 34. This means your age targeting should never dip too far below that. Going just below the average, say around 28 or 29, can catch some of the earlier home buyers who may not have the knowhow to repair their own place. In terms of gender targeting, men are more likely than women to search for home improvement solutions, whether that be services or just the tools needed to get the job done. Targeting by income allows your business to cut out people who may only be able to afford apartments, and targeting by location can be helpful to make sure your ads are showing in more affluent neighborhoods where owning a house is more likely. By using demographic targeting, you can define your audience fairly well, but this is just the tip of the advertising iceberg.


Facebook also keeps a close eye on how its users spend their time on the site, as well as on other affiliated websites. This means your search history and website visits are fair game for Facebook to use however they want. The list of interests in the Ad Manager is massive, but we're interested in just a few: lumped under the "Hobbies & Activities" section, we can see tons of home related categories. Some of these include:

  • Home & Garden
  • DIY
  • Furniture
  • Gardening
  • Home Appliances, and
  • Home Improvement

By targeting any of these categories, you don't just get what your audience likes or follows on Facebook, but also what they search for on Google, what threads they follow on Reddit, and much more.

Purchase History

Purchase History is perhaps one of the creepiest, but by far the most useful, targeting options. By bringing in information from Experian, thousands of department stores, Amazon, and more, Facebook tracks how people use debit and credit cards and their purchase history. With this, you can find people that not only are interested in home improvement utilities, but are already actively purchasing them. You can target by people that are doing most of their spending online or offline. You can target by high-end or low-end home purchases, too. You can even target people that spend more money per transaction than the national average - meaning that if you get a lead, they're going to be okay with spending a little extra to get the good stuff. Purchasing history is a powerful targeting program for your home improvement business.

Residential Profiles

Finally, Residential Profiles give you information about a person's home - perfect for targeting your home improvement ads. Residential profiles let you know if a person is a recent homebuyer, preparing to move, and even how long they've lived in their current space. Facebook lets you choose between all of these residential profiles to ensure you get the close targeting you need.

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