Important Update for boberdoo Clients

A security vulnerability announcement came out this week regarding SSL version 3.0. You can read about it here.
This is a big enough risk that we were forced to update the servers and disable SSL 3.0 for both leads coming into boberdoo systems and leads going out to other companies. To be clear we are still using SSL, just not allowing the 3.0 version. We have found a handful of outbound deliveries that were requiring 3.0 and we have patched those to temporarily work. We are gathering information now on inbound leads to find anyone posting into boberdoo that may be getting errors by trying to force the use of only SSL 3.0.

If you have vendors that have called to ask if you are timing out, or if you see volume drops, please contact them immediately to see if they are sending with SSL 3.0. We will update this post as new information becomes available.
Please visit boberdoo.com/emergency-contacts to update your account with emergency contacts to be notified should something similar happen in the future.

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