Do You Sell Your Leads Based On Priority or Price?

There are two primary ways to match and sell your leads in real-time. You can either sell based on the priority rankings of your buyers or by the price your buyers are willing to pay. In this post, we will explore both options as well as some of the more advanced features you can use within them to manage your buyers and optimize your lead flow.

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Priority Matching

Matching and selling your leads on a priority basis is exactly what it sounds like. All inbound leads that you either generated or bought from a 3rd party will enter your lead distribution system, which will then determine which of your buyers are eligible to buy each specific lead. Your lead system then sells to the buyer(s) in the order of their priority. If Buyer X is set to priority 1 and Buyer Y is set to priority 2 and both are eligible to receive the lead, the system will sell to Buyer X.

Sophisticated Priority Matching

Intelligent lead distribution systems like allow you additional priority matching features. With boberdoo, you can prioritize not only on a buyer to buyer basis, but on a filter set basis within the same buyer as well. Let’s say Buyer X agrees to pay $20 for your standard real-time leads. However, your business also offers remnant leads in the same vertical at a deep discount. You can set Buyer X with one filter set that purchases your standard real-time leads for $20 at priority 1 and another filter set that purchases your remnant leads for $5 at priority 2. This allows Buyer X to always pay top dollar for your standard leads, but also affords them the opportunity to purchase your discount leads as well. With this option, you can easily sell leftover leads all-the-while tracking all transactions for Buyer X under one buyer account.

boberdoo priority matching also allows you to match and sell your leads on a round robin basis. All buyers that are set to the same priority will go into a round robin with the buyer that has gone the longest amount of time without being sold a lead sitting first in line for the next. Additionally, you can set daily, weekly or monthly lead limits so you can account for low volume buyers or manage their lead totals on your own.

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Price Matching

Matching and selling your leads on a price basis is even more straightforward. Once your leads enter your lead distribution system and all eligible buyers are identified, the lead will automatically sell to the buyer that is paying the most.

Sophisticated Price Matching

The boberdoo lead distribution system is equipped with a few features that give you additional options if you’d like to match and sell your leads based on price. Ping post allows you to send partial lead information to all of your buyers who then determine whether they would like to purchase the lead and if so, at what price. Your lead system then collects all the bids and sells to the highest bidder. For more information on ping post, click here.

The boberdoo system takes price matching on a ping post basis even further. With our pricing scenarios feature, your system can automatically calculate your potential earnings if you sold a lead exclusively vs non-exclusively and then sell to the most profitable option. You can learn more about our ping post scenarios on out ping post options page. is a leading provider of lead distribution software. If you are looking for any of the functionality listed above, we would be glad to help. The boberdoo system offers sophisticated lead matching options and we even build custom logic for our clients when necessary. If you’d like to learn more about selling your leads on a priority vs price basis, or about the boberdoo system in general, please do not hesitate to call 800-776-5646 or click the red Contact Us tab.

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