Facebook Introduces Lead Ads: What You Should Know

Late last week, Facebook introduced its newest advertising project. Facebook has begun testing a new type of advertisement they’re calling a “lead ad,” which automatically fills out contact information into pre-determined forms for advertisers. Drawing the information from the user’s Facebook profile, this process only takes two clicks: one on a call to action, and one to confirm the information. Then the lead is sent right to the advertiser, no hassle. Here are a couple of quick points about this new system that lead generation companies should be familiar with:

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Landing Pages

Because of this new two-click process, there is no landing page that the lead needs to attend to. Everything is contained on Facebook, eliminating one of the major pain points of online lead generation: the need to leave a page in order to submit information. However, while this may ultimately be beneficial in terms of lead quantity, this does eliminate the ability to promote products in sequence from your page. Lead ads can only promote one item at a time, and with one self-contained process, the landing page may become scarcer, but it will have more value as a place to promote multiple pieces of a product at once.

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Lead ads are currently only available to a select number of businesses as a test market, but Facebook promises to release more information as they receive feedback. Still, with nearly 800 million mobile users every month on Facebook, it’s never too early to start planning ahead. To keep up to date on this and many other aspects of the lead generation company, subscribe to our newsletter:

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