Is Your Landing Page Taking Off? 7 Do’s & Don’ts to Help Your Lead Generation

Your landing page is the bread and butter of your online web lead generation. Are you getting the most out of it? Here are some important do’s and dont’s to see if your site is up to snuff and generating the leads you need.

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DO let them know why your product is good for them

Remember that leads are looking into your products because your products suit their needs. When writing copy for your landing pages, make sure that it doesn’t just espouse what’s great about your system, but also why it will work for that particular customer. Careful pronoun use (lots of “you”s, “your”s, and the like) can make websites feel personalized with little effort. Make sure your customers know that this isn’t just the best product, but the best product for their problems.

DON’T be too wordy

Whatever you’ve written, it’s probably too much. Internet patrons are more scanners than readers, and a heavy-handed approach to the copy on the page can scare people off. Make sure to trim any unnecessary fat from your wording to get people submitting their data instead of reading your sales pitch.

DO segment your audience

Every person ending up on one of your landing pages will have a different motivation for doing so. By personalizing landing pages based on keywords and sources, potential customers will feel more connected to your brand and your conversion rates will soar. Try your best to predict what questions customers will have and answer them right away.

DON’T tell them what to do

Nobody likes being pushed around, especially by companies that they don’t really know. Instead of telling clients what to do (“Sign up for our newsletter!”) offer incentive and make them want to do those things. This may be with individual rewards like whitepapers, or this incentive can be your blog and newsletter content by making it consistently useful and interesting. Offer a preview of your content to get people excited to see the rest. Let your content speak for itself and your leads will feel more in control.

DO make it simple

Besides simplifying your copy, make sure your forms are as slim as possible. Try to keep any contact form as one page, and never force the customer to redirect to another page to fill it out. This can give the impression of just being an underhanded way to get people into other parts of your website. There are few people in the world who enjoy filling out forms, so make sure your leads need to spend as little time as possible doing so.

DON’T trap people once they’ve signed up

When leads fill out contact information, they are expecting one use for it: to get the help they need. Newsletters and e-mail drips are commonly forced on leads, which can make them unwilling to return. Make sure to be open about any opt-out options available to build trust and increase the chances of leads initially opting-in for further contact. A simple “You may unsubscribe at any time” will greatly increase your newsletter’s sign-up rate, and just because your leads are aware of how easy it may be to unsubscribe, that doesn’t mean they’ll do it.

DO use a multi-media approach

It’s nice to look at a landing page that uses eye-catching photos and concise wording, but there are more options than that for a nice landing page. A study by EyeView shows that including video on landing pages can improve conversion rate by up to 80%. But be careful! Many people consider auto-playing videos more of a hassle than an attention-grabber. Make the video available on the page, but let them play it themselves. Not only will this keep them happy, but it will also give you more accurate data on the video’s view count.

Where We Come In

The landing page form is the cornerstone of many lead generation strategies, and making professional looking pages can be tough. boberdoo has built a highly customizable Forms Builder that can provide easy to build, professional-looking web forms that are integrated directly into your boberdoo system. To see the Form Builder in action, feel free to give us a call at 800-776-5646 and set up a demo today!

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