What Lead Verticals Could Advertise during the Superbowl?

With the actual game being about as fun as watching paint dry, I paid more attention to the Superbowl commercials than usual.  And with marketers deciding to tug at our heart strings more than our funny bone, I found myself wondering, “What lead verticals could pull off a successful ad during the Superbowl?” This idea, plus getting my hands on some more buffalo chicken dip, managed to distract me while Bob Dylan totally sold out.  There are not many lead verticals that could even attempt a Superbowl ad.  Any of the subprime verticals, bankruptcy, debt settlement, loan modification, tax settlement, is definitely out.  No one wants to be reminded of their dismal financial situation during the big game.  Final expense and other senior related lead verticals may be approaching viability but are equally depressing during a fun sporting event.  And many other lead verticals just would not be applicable to enough viewers to justify the price tag for a Superbowl ad.  But, ignoring economics of running a Superbowl ad, like a $4 million price tag and countless other expenses, it would sure be fun to see our clients run some of the campaigns below. 

Insurance Lead Vertical

Probably the most viable lead vertical to run a Superbowl ad and no stranger to celebrity endorsements, insurance lead generators could make a big play for market share through an aggressive ad campaign.  I could see a Royal Rumble with parody characters from the big insurance companies and a tagline like “Let them fight for your business” playing well with the Superbowl fan. I think it could compete with Radio Shack’s similar attempt.

Home Improvement Lead Vertical

A savvy home improvement lead company could pull off a heartwarming ad featuring Ty Pennington, Holmes on Holmes or one of the countless other TV “celebrities.”  While it might not have the same success that the Cheerios ad did, it would sure result in a lot of clicks!

Mortgage Lead Vertical

How about an ad with guys butchering famous movie quotes in various situations, like on the golf course, in a bar or tailgating.  “You buy a hat like this, I bet you get a free side salad. Oh, it looks good on you though.” And his buddies berating him for it.  Then the tagline, something like “Get the right quote.” It would certainly be better than anything with Tim Tebow in it.

New Car Quote Lead Vertical

A Justin Bieber celebrity endorsement of course!  Have JB sitting there in a holding cell with his Lamborghini getting impounded in the background and using his cell phone to get a new car quote.  Instant classic and would have definitely rivaled the Doberhuahua spot, which was my personal favorite.

Ok, so maybe the campaigns suggested for these lead verticals would not produce the return-on-investment needed to justify the millions of dollars in ad expenses. We build lead distribution systems here at boberdoo.com, we are not Mad Men.  If you would like to learn more about how we can help take you lead generation business to the next level, please click on the Contact Us tab or call 800-776-5646. With roughly seven months until football starts again, what else are you going to do? Watch baseball?

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