Newest Tech in the Lead Gen Industry

There have been some pretty cool innovations and inventions for lead gen in the last few years. Are you using all of them? Let us help you get with the times. Here are a couple of our favorite technologies that can drastically improve your lead gen:

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Facebook Lead Ads

Late last month, Facebook introduced their new “Lead Ads.” These ads enable mobile users to sign up for your programs with their Facebook-linked e-mail address with just two clicks, simplifying the process immensely. We wrote a little blurb about it when lead ads were first introduced, and since then, a few companies have been lucky enough to see the results. Businesses are finding all sorts of opportunities to use them, such as for content marketing or newsletter signups. The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, going so far as to call it a “turning point in the industry,” and the tech should be available to the general advertising public within a couple of months.


Quora has been taking the internet by storm, and marketers have been enjoying it just as much as the general public. Quora is a question and answer website sorted by topic, where anyone can ask a question and have it answered by experts (or people pretending to be experts). It is the #143 website in the world, and lead generators have flocked to it. Marketers are suggesting their blogs as places of expertise to huge audiences, who can also be individually messaged from the Quora site. As long as you continue to provide good answers and act as an honest expert instead of spamming, Quora does a lot for those promoting a company.

Twitter Lead Cards

Though not necessarily the newest of inventions, Twitter’s lead cards have been helping businesses get contact information since 2013. The cards, when expanded, work very much like the aforementioned Lead Ads from Facebook. One click of a button, and the e-mail address assigned to the account is signed up for your newsletter, product launch promotion, or whatever. With over 302,000,000 people using Twitter, it’s no wonder so many businesses today are on the micro-platform. Luckily, Twitter is giving us the tools we need to promote properly.


SlideShare is the hip new thing in content marketing, and it’s picking up steam for a reason. Bought by LinkedIn in 2012, SlideShare allows powerpoint presentations to be embedded into web pages, allowing tips, tricks, and other info to be shared efficiently and beautifully. Many users of the service use it to present their sales pitches and include a Call to Action at the end to generate leads through their expertise, to great success. If your content team is up for it, SlideShare is a great way to present your information in an engaging and interactive way and boost your lead gen significantly.

Ping Post

It wouldn’t be a boberdoo blog post without mentioning Ping Post, but what’s so wrong with that? boberdoo has been working with ping post since 2007 and it is only getting more advanced. The instant and autonomous nature of the system means you can set it and forget it and still get cash flowing in everyday.

lead gen has also been keeping up with the newest tech available. Advanced call routing, ping post, and some brand new features to be unveiled in the next few weeks prove it. If you want to have the most advanced lead distribution software available, give us a call. We would be happy to talk to you about your pain points, and we can set up a live demo so you can see the inner workings of our system. Give us a call today!

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