Should I Be Selling Leads Online?

Maximize Your Revenue By Selling Leads Online

Marketing and advertising are imperfect and somewhat unpredictable practices. There aren’t any static rules or fool-proof techniques. Tools and strategies are constantly changing and what works for one company in one niche or vertical may completely fail in another. Everyone from online media companies and affiliate marketers to traditional advertising agencies approach marketing from different angles and through different mediums. However, each come together with one common goal: to drive more sales. As both markets and customers have evolved, a new process between marketers and product/service providers has taken root and continues to grow as each side continues to find success. Not only does it cater to the both the customer’s and the provider’s needs, but it allows marketers to maintain that underlying goal of driving more sales. This process is selling leads online.

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Sales leads are no new commodity, but the entire real-time lead selling process and infrastructure that is now available to marketers is not only adding revenue streams to some companies, but it has become the entire foundation of many more. The concept is simple: instead of selling your marketing services for an hourly rate or a media buy percentage, you market to generate leads and then sell them as a good on a per-lead or per-sale basis. If you are unsure about whether selling leads online would be a good addition to your company, please read on. The seven features of selling leads online listed below should help inform your decision and hopefully help guide your business in the most profitable direction.

1. Maintain your marketing practices

One of the best parts of selling leads online is that it requires no fundamental shift in the way you market products or services. If you’re an expert in PPC or SEO, that’s great. You can utilize those skills to drive more traffic to your landing pages and get more people to fill out your forms or call your 800 numbers. If you specialize in radio, TV or even billboards, that’s great too. These practices also continue to encourage inbound calls, direct people to landing pages and, in general, generate more leads.

2. Provides you with a product to sell

Selling leads and calls online gives you a very real advantage over selling yourself as a service. It puts a product on the shelf. No matter how great your are at marketing and advertising, if you depend on finding companies that will utilize your services you will likely experience the ebb and flow of client acquisition. However, by generating a product to sell, you will never be stuck waiting to land the big account. You will always be able to run your own campaigns and if your leads are good, there will always be buyers waiting on the other end.

3. More customers

Because generating calls and web leads gives you a product to sell, you are no longer constrained by the number of clients you have. Generally speaking, buyers in the lead industry have the same requirements across the board. Because of this, any wise business person will generate their leads with the standard requirements that meet the needs of virtually every buyer. With a standard product, you will be able to sell to a large number of customers which not only promotes a more consistent bottom line, but also allows you to be more selective with prices and selling patterns.

4. Additional revenue stream

Many companies find lead generation and selling leads online as an ideal additional revenue stream to their current business. Lead generation offers the flexibility to run the campaigns you want and to put in the time and effort of your choosing. Because of this, selling leads online offers a perfect additional revenue stream for any marketing business that is looking to increase total revenue or counteract slumps in business throughout the year. Let’s take a traditional media or advertising agencies as an example. Even if this agency has several clients at all times, their revenue is limited to the consistency of their client’s marketing needs. So what happens if a few of their clients cut back on their marketing budgets or only spend on advertising during the holiday season? These accounts go virtually dormant for parts of the year leaving little incoming revenue for the agency over large parts of the year. By adding a simple lead generation campaign that is active year-round, this agency can maintain a more consistent income and even give itself an additional project to work on during the slower times.

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5. More flexibility in pricing structure

By selling leads online, you have more power to negotiate the pricing model you operate with. If you are promoting an offer or providing marketing services for a specific company, you are limited by the fact that you are marketing for one entity alone and constrained by their pricing model. In the lead generation process, you can run the same campaign and sell to dozens of different buyers. Because you are not tied down by one offer or one client, you have more power to dictate not only the pricing model, but the price itself, even on a client-by-client basis.

6. Run the campaigns you want

Another great benefit of selling leads and calls online is that you can market what you want, how you want. You are no longer limited to the creatives sent from your advertiser or the restrictions and opinions of your client. Not only that, but you can market in whichever verticals you want. Granted, some verticals provide more opportunities and have more room in the market than others, but the main point remains. You can market to your strengths with uninhibited creative freedom.

7. Growth opportunities

Selling leads online presents numerous growth opportunities. For one, the industry is growing rapidly and customers continue to fill out forms and call 800 numbers at a high rate. Simply put, there are more leads out there than ever before. Additionally, the software used to assist you in selling leads online continues to evolve. Sophisticated solutions such as contain advanced tracking tools that allow you to narrow down all of your lead sources, perfect each campaign and generate higher quality, higher valued leads. Additional tools allow you to present each lead with cross offers, which can directly help you build and expand into new lead verticals. has been building lead distribution systems and improving the lead industry since 2001. We have seen just about everything there is to see when it comes to the lead industry and pride ourselves as leaders and innovators. Our software was built for both the experienced lead generator and the start up entrepreneur in mind and can certainly help you get your lead business running. If you are curious about selling leads online and whether it would be right for your business, feel free to give us a call at 800-776-5646 or click the red Contact Us tab. We would be happy to discuss your business and determine whether selling leads and calls would help your business grow. We look forward to hearing from you.

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