Could your lead vertical work as a Super Bowl Ad?

Super Bowl XLIX between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks lived up to the hype. With likely the most dramatic finish in Super Bowl history, it’s no surprise that the big game was the most watched broadcast in US TV history. This may have slightly eased the pocketbooks of the advertisers that spent over $4 million per 30-second commercial. This also got us thinking, “What lead verticals could succeed with a Super Bowl ad?”

Super Bowl


Insurance ads are not revolutionary during the Super Bowl. We see them every year so we know that they can succeed. This year, Geico treated us with their hilarious Ickey Woods cold cuts follow-up while Nationwide took the opposite approach and killed our buzz with the thought of children dying. My personal favorite insurance spot was Esurance’s homage to Breaking Bad.

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New Car Quote

Car commercials are another Super Bowl staple, but on the lead generation end, a new car quote ad would have fit perfectly into the mix. Dodge showed that they could put out a quality car ad, although they missed the opportunity of having the 100 year old man flipping the bird to 100 million viewers as he burned out in his new Charger. There’s always next year, Dodge.



There were a few commercials for international companies that aired during the Super Bowl that took me by surprise. When I think of the Super Bowl I think of America through and through, but the ad by Avocados From Mexico and Ecuador’s tourism spot showed that international companies can just as easily take advantage of the Super Bowl spotlight.

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Amidst the insurance, car, beer and food commercials, this year’s Super Bowl made it obvious that nearly any product or service can succeed (given a good idea and $4 million budget). Wix showed that online services are not out of the question and Clash of Clans came through with the help of Liam Neeson. Turbo Tax even knocked it out of the park with their Boston Tea Party spoof. It’s obvious that not every lead vertical would work as a Super Bowl ad, but these advertisers show that most are not out of the question. is a leading provider of lead distribution software. With offices in Chicago and Madison, WI, we are die-hard football fans. Although this year’s Super Bowl was a gem, better luck to the Bears and Packers next year!
Super Bowl XLIX

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