Lead Selling Lessons We Learned from The Superbowl

  • February 8, 2016
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After doing our best to recover from an eventful Sunday night Superbowl, we at boberdoo found our way back into the office this morning and got to talking. Of course, the game was very exciting (go Broncos) and the Halftime Show was great (go Beyonce), but we spent most of our time discussing the commercials. Which were good? Which were bad? That’s not important to us. Why were there no lead distribution software commercials? Well, that’s an important question. But the biggest question that we wanted to get to the bottom of was “What commercials can help our clients with their lead businesses?” Well, we’ve compiled some of our favorites from the Superbowl that taught us valuable lessons about our business, and hope you can learn from them too:


Budweiser with Helen Mirren – #GiveADamn

It’s hard not to #GiveaDamn about this commercial from Budweiser when it’s so completely up in your face. Helen Mirren lends her posh English charm to this scathing commercial, calling out any “oxygen wasting form of human pollution” that dares to drink and drive. And good on her for doing so! Sometimes, the best way to get your message across is to be assertive, direct, and, if you can help it, maybe British. We’re not saying to call your clients shortsighted and utterly useless, but it is worth being assertive in any requests you’re making for buyers or sellers. This lines up well with…

Hyundai with Kevin Hart – First Date

Kevin Hart brings his over-the-top comic stylings to this Hyundai commercial of a date gone wrong (or right, depending on who you’re rooting for). It’s reminiscent of a scene from Bad Boys II that I probably shouldn’t link to, since this is a work related blog, but there’s a valuable lesson behind the jokes here: persistence is key! Whether reaching out to new prospective lead merchants or keeping in touch with current business partners, open, consistent communication is key.

T-Mobile with Steve Harvey – Drop the Balls

Steve Harvey has had an interesting couple of months lately. After accidentally crowning the wrong winner of Miss Universe, he has been dealing with a lot of blowback about his mistake. Luckily, he’s bouncing back, with his tongue firmly planted in his cheek. It seems that Steve Harvey isn’t afraid to make mistakes if it means he can learn from them, and that’s a solid lesson to learn for anyone doing lead selling or buying. Mistakes can be costly, they can be embarrassing, but mistakes are a necessary evil when trying new things and learning how to move your business in new, exciting, and profitable ways.

Skittles with Steven Tyler – The Portrait

The last celebrity on our list has been around for ages, and while he’s not new to commercials, he’s probably new to talking portraits of himself made out of candy. Steven Tyler stars in this year’s commercial for Skittles. One thing Tyler brings to this commercial is the ability to keep asking for more – something that you need to make sure you’re doing to build and maintain an active lead network. Hopefully, yours won’t explode.

Mountain Dew – #puppymonkeybaby

Lastly, we, uh… we’re… we’re not sure about this one. Um, follow your dreams? Or nightmares? #puppymonkeybaby

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