Six Ways to Boost Political Marketing Engagement

  • October 1, 2015
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The sad truth is, not a lot of people are interested in politics. A study by Heartland Monitor shows that 41% of people in America aren’t involved in any form of political engagement. Voter turnout hovers around 40-60% in America. So how can you get those people involved not just in politics, but in your campaign specifically? How can you boost your marketing engagement? Well, it takes a mix of things: some content that’s easy to read and digest, to draw people in, and some content that has a lot of substance to it, to keep people engaged. Here are three examples of each to make sure your campaign’s marketing engagement is as good as it can be:

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Easily Digestible Content


Soundbites are some of the quickest bits of information you can use to bolster your campaign. Repeating an important stance of a candidate tells people that they are consistent, passionate, and clear on their position. Soundbites are great for social media because they take very little time to digest, are easy to engage with and share, and can fit pretty much anywhere: Twitter, Facebook, newsletters, and pretty much any other outlet that’s used to get your political message across. Bernie Sanders often does this, cementing his position against income inequality with consistent (if not, at times, redundant) use of quotations from his real speeches.

News Headlines

A positive news headline can say a lot. A glowing review doesn’t just mean you’re doing well, but it means that an established institution believes you’re doing well and is supporting you. Social proof is incredibly important in a campaign. It shows that there are people out there that believe in your campaign. Donald Drumpf, real estate mogul/center of attention, loves to use headlines to show his audience what the news says about him. Or not, in this particular case:


Social Proof Through Photos

Speaking of social proof, photo ops and press events are huge for candidates. A study by eMarketer shows that photos have an 87% engagement rate on Facebook. If you want that warm fuzzy feeling of having likes stream into your notifications, photos are the way to go. They’re easy to share and easy to absorb. Hillary Clinton knows this, so she cherishes moments where she gets to jump in front of the camera:

hillary clinton - political marketing

Three Forms of Substantial Content:

Once you’ve drawn voters in with catchy, attention-grabbing content, you need to get them to stick around until the polls open. How can you do that? Well, it takes a whole lot more than photo-ops and quotations. Real, meaty content is how voters figure out their plans for the election.

Position Statements

Position statements tend to be longer, more technical, and, frankly, less exciting than easily quotable speeches, but they serve an important role in informing voters and giving constituents something to stand on. That’s why each major candidate has begun to put out pages, pdfs, and e-mails describing their stances in further detail. Jeb Bush’s plan for his idea of energy conservation is an example of this: It goes into detail, doesn’t get too technical, but allows his supporters to read up on his ideas and nail down the facts.


Candidates doing interviews (and eventually debates) can use these as an extended conversation to talk about real matters. It’s hard to get someone passing through a Twitter feed to stop and watch a 36 minute interview, like this Bernie Sanders piece with Vox, but being able to provide substantial content is something that diehard supporters can use to bring other people over to your side (which explains why it has 644 votes on Reddit).

Calls to Action

The last piece of substantial content that we’re going to talk about today isn’t really content, but it does require a commitment. Calling out to supporters to step outside and volunteer for your cause is asking a lot more than hoping for likes on a picture, but it’s far more important. Every politician does it in their own way, whether it’s Bernie building up an army of grassrooters or people like Bobby Jindal with a simple request: let us tell you how to get the materials you need to spread the word. If you get a volunteer, there’s a very good chance you’re getting their support for the life of the campaign. These CTA’s can’t be taken lightly.

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Hopefully, you’re feeling ready to boost your marketing engagement with some new tips and tricks. And we here at boberdoo are here to help. Over the next few weeks, we will be rolling out our brand new marketing manager, giving you advanced tracking, scheduling, & templating for your direct mailing, outbound marketing needs. Click the banner above to request a demo, or give us a call at 800-776-5646.

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