Advantages of utilizing API technology in a lead system

API technology deserves special attention because its management can bring many benefits to lead generation businesses worldwide. That is the main reason why we emphasize the advantages of using this technology.


Custom API technology allow a lead company maximum flexibility in its operations.
These advantages can be summarized as the following points:

  • Quick Contact management: Use of features such as import, export using GET / POST / soap / web services, waterfall leads can be inserted quickly into the system without distinction of the database size,
  • Distinguishing quality contacts (leads): The information system contains filters that separate quality from low-quality contacts.
  • Reporting: software can equally distribute news and update contact information from the system.
  • Payment system: Built in credit card processing from multiple gateways including automated recurring billing and triggers with CIM
  • Navigation in information system
  • Information system Filters can help you with managing you contacts very fast.
  • Real time, leads sale from any verticals – insurance, auto finance, franchise, B2B, MLM, payday etc.
  • Form management: creation of forms which can be integrated with different pages.
  • System for managing refunds: if the buyer receives a lead with the incorrect contact information, he can request a refund

API technology


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