Why lead generation companies should offer call routing to their clients

This may not come as a surprise to many of you but call routing is something every lead generation company should offer. There are several benefits of routing calls versus traditional web leads that we will explore in this article as well as solutions that allow you capitalize on this opportunity in the lead generation marketplace.

Call routing

The first benefit of call routing is that, by offering a toll-free (or local) number for the visitor to dial, you present 2 conversion opportunities to the visitor. Some people do not feel comfortable submitting their contact information on a web form but the opportunity for them to initiate the information question can help the advertiser overcome that objection.

Another benefit is that call routing opens up your marketing to new traffic methods.  While TV, radio and direct mail have seen varied, vertical-specific success, those same traffic sources have been driving calls for years.  The problem has always been that campaigns had to be run on a proprietary basis for one advertiser.

There are more variables in call routing than in traditional lead aggregation so many lead generation companies just do not want the hassle of dealing with the potential headaches of a second product offering or dealing with an entire new platform integration.  However, with boberdoo.com’s distribution system, you can route inbound calls with the same logic and distribution rules that have been used to power lead routing for the past 12 years.

There are also advantages for the lead buyer as well.  Contact rates for inbound calls are significantly higher than traditional web leads and, at worst, the lead buyer is purchasing a data record with a working number, which will always hold some value.  There is also a call recording accessible both by you and the call buyer, removing much of the ambiguity that can surround refund requests.  Also, an inbound call is, by definition, an “opt-in” because it is the lead that is initiating the contact.  We are not lawyers but one would think inbound calls would satisfy the new TCPA rules soon to be in effect, provided you have a record of such call, and with a boberdoo.com system you do.  With higher contact rates and quality data upon which to follow up, lead generation companies typically charge a premium for inbound calls.


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So generate more leads that you can charge more money and consider adding call routing to your lead generation product offerings.  You have incredible flexibility with boberdoo.com call routing, from customized IVRs to call durations to routing live transfers.  In addition, the boberdoo.com distribution system allows you to keep your entire operation in one platform, giving you maximum flexibility with client budgets, tracking and ultimately maximizing the revenue for each lead you generate.  If you already have a boberdoo.com system, the call routing functionality is already in your system.  Simply lease an 800 number, place it on your web property and start generating calls.  To learn more about inbound call routing in the boberdoo.com lead distribution system, please click on the Contact Us tab or call 800-776-5646.

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