Why Leads Like a Call Routing Service

As a 20-something that has had to give away a lot of info over the last few weeks, I’ve started to notice a pattern. Signing up for insurance quotes, debt settlement… heck, I’m a grown adult. I’m not sure I can rely on my bike getting me around anymore, so auto finance even gets thrown in. Web leads have been kind of a terror for all of this. I give away a lot of my personal information, sometimes even including my credit score and other private items, and I get phone calls or e-mails all day asking for my business. But when I get to make the call… that’s a whole different story. Here’s a couple of reasons why I, as a lead, have really enjoyed dealing with a call routing service:

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My Info Isn’t Resold

Customers like to keep their information under control, and they’ve got the backing of the U.S. government behind them. This is a concern for online leads, but by calling in, there’s less perceived risk. The only information being routed is a phone number, and giving away an area code is less risky than filling out credit score, vehicle license plate, health history, or whatever else a vertical might need in a web lead.

I’m In Control

The phone leads, like me, are the ones calling in, working on our own schedules and remaining in control of the whole process. There’s no waiting around for companies to call, there’s no obligation to stay on the phone if the offer is unappealing, and there are no extra phone calls if we change our minds. A call routing service keeps the lead in charge.

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Faster Response Rate

Nobody likes waiting for someone to call. Nobody likes refreshing their browser over and over again to see if that e-mail has shown up yet. Call routing is near instantaneous, and it keeps leads hooked from start to finish. Don’t leave your leads twiddling their thumbs.

Guaranteed Contact

One of the big downfalls of web leads is that your leads have to trust that someone will get in contact with them. This can be boring, tiresome, or even frustrating. And your affiliates don’t want to get in touch with someone just to get barked at over the phone! By running a call routing service, you let your customers know that they will be contacted, and they will be contacted soon, and that’s invaluable for your customers’ mood.

So if you’re on the fence about selling calls, start today! Are you unsure of how to get started with a call routing service? Why not check out boberdoo with a free demo? Just click the banner below, or give us a call at 800-776-5646!

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