January 2014 Newsletter – Goals For Lead Companies

New Year’s Resolution

I would like to propose a New Year’s resolution for all lead companies. Focus next year on trying to add value to your company. A couple ideas below on how.

Stay clear of the government

The government is not going to make it any easier to be a lead company. CFPB and TCPA are eight capital letters that most people in the lead business already hate. It is probably just the beginning. In my opinion the best way to stay out of the government’s radar is to one, do what you say and say what you do and two, make sure you are offering a service that actually helps someone. If your service helps both the consumer and the lead buyer, and doesn’t just help your pocketbook, then you should be just fine.
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Focus on helping your buyers

If you are selling retail leads then you probably have a good sales team. You know what it takes to get people on the phone and agree to buy leads from you. Take those sales skills and help your lead buyers close more business for themselves. The better they do with your leads, the more leads they will want to buy from you. Offer a free review where you listen in on their sales pitch. Offer a monthly webinar on sales tips for beginners. Maintain a sales blog that you share with your customers. Ask them what they are doing to follow up on the leads that did not close right away. Help them form their own sales process. Encourage your buyers to update the Lead Status in their login. You can then create custom reports in boberdoo.com that will help you to better analyze your customer’s performance. The ideas on this topic are fairly endless.

Help your leads

Start helping your leads. If nothing else, set up a program where you contact a certain percentage of your leads and ask them how their experience was with the buyers you sent their information to. If you have dishonest lead buyers trying to scam your leads, it may come back and haunt you.

Along with generating the lead, consider asking the lead if they would like to sign up for your newsletter. You can build really great lists and with a little investment in content creation, you can start building a source for new leads. The content can also be used in your social media and on your website which will help your SEO. Content creation and SEO are long-term strategies. If you are in the lead business for a quick buck, I guess do not bother. If you think you will be around in 5 years, then start now. It will pay off.

Be more than just a commodity

There are a lot of lead companies. Do more to build your company up and stand out against the crowd. Consider expanding your lead product offerings and testing new sources and methods of generating traffic for your buyers. With our system, you can track everything from clicks to calls and your buyers will appreciate your innovative effort in growing their business. Have a great year!


Brad Seiler



boberdoo.com has been building lead distribution systems since 2001. Our clients sell every kind of lead under the sun from home improvement to payday and everything in between. Some only sell internet leads. Some only sell phone calls. Others sell both. The goal of this newsletter is to try and keep our clients updated on the latest trends in the industry as well as features within their boberdoo.com system they may not know about. If you have an idea for a topic, please let us know.

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