January 2015 Newsletter (Part 1)

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Welcome to 2015! The holidays are behind us and the new year’s challenges and opportunities lie ahead. At boberdoo, we are still going strong with our resolutions (at least some of us) and want to help you make 2015 your best year yet. GO TO BOBERDOO.COM

Tip Of The Day

Do you need help setting up a vendor (lead seller) in your system? Click here for our step-by-step instructions.


Lead Company Resolutions For 2015

You may have already set your goals for 2015, but what did you miss? Check out our 2015 resolutions geared directly towards lead generation companies.


The 3 Features Your Lead Delivery System Needs

The lead delivery process is easily overlooked. But what 3 features do you absolutely need in your lead delivery system?

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What You Need to know about Life Insurance Leads

Life insurance is a booming lead vertical. But what do you need to know about life insurance leads before you start generating them?

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boberdoo ACADEMY 2015

We will be hosting an in-depth training session in our Chicago office for anyone interested in learning the boberdoo system inside and out. It will give you a chance to master the system through an intensive, hands-on course led by our experienced team in Chicago. We would like to gauge interest and determine a date as soon as possible. If you or anyone from your team is interested in this unique training opportunity, please contact us.

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boberdoo.com has been building lead distribution systems since 2001. Our clients sell every kind of lead under the sun from home improvement to payday and everything in between. Some only sell internet leads. Some only sell phone calls. Others sell both. The goal of this newsletter is to try and keep our clients updated on the latest trends in the industry as well as features within their boberdoo.com system they may not know about. If you have an idea for a topic, please let us know.

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