Outbound Automation Support Articles

Getting Started

Once Outbound Automation is built into your boberdoo system, these are your first steps.

Getting Started With Outbound Automation
Setting Up Amazon

Email Setup

These articles cover your options when adding a new Email Service Provider to your system.

Using 3rd party ESPs
Integrate Sendgrid
Integrate Sparkpost
Integrate Mailgun
Integrate Amazon SES
Integrate Mailjet
Integrate Gmail SMTP
Verify Your Sending Domain

Usage Support

These articles walk you through the best ways to utilize various parts of the system.

Best Practices
Setting Up a Dynamic Campaign
Setting Up a Static Campaign
Setting Up a Dynamic List
Setting Up a Static List
Building an Email
Using The Blank Code Your Own Template
Contact Fields and Magic Strings
ESP Failure Troubleshooting
Campaign Ideas/Setup
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