Support Tickets

Support tickets are the primary form of client support for clients. Whether you have a simple question, a new custom delivery request or would like to undertake a massive custom project, we need everything in writing before we can proceed.

To create a ticket, log into boberdoo and locate the Tickets button at the top of your system. Your tickets are sorted into several categories, but the most important ticket types to remember are:

  • Support: Used for any questions regarding the usage of the system
  • Project: Used for lead type changes, custom delivery requests or any other custom projects
  • Time Quote: Used to get a time estimate on a project before our team begins working

Click Add New Ticket to create a new ticket.

Sample Support Tickets

Below are a few sample support tickets for your reference. We have included some of our most frequent support and custom work requests which you can use as a guideline when submitting tickets to boberdoo. If you would like to learn more about our ticketing system, please watch over How To Video.

Reminder: When submitting support tickets, please be as descriptive as possible. This will make it easier for us to troubleshoot the problem and allow us fix any issues as quickly as possible.

Do: “In lead type 3, I reprocessed Lead ID 123 to try and match to Partner 7 and it didn’t work.”

Don’t: “I reprocessed a lead and it didn’t work.”

New Custom Delivery

sample tickets

New Lead Type

sample tickets