Setting Up a Dynamic List


In the Outbound Automation by boberdoo system, dynamic lists allow you to add contacts to your list in real-time as they enter your boberdoo system. Simply define your list criteria and any contact that matches that criteria will be added to the list and any campaigns attached to it.

Step 1: List Type

To create a dynamic list, go to your Lists tab and select Add New. Next, select the dynamic list type and click Next Step.

Step 2: List Criteria

This step allows you to define which leads qualify for this list. Choose the appropriate lead type and lead statuses. Note: because each lead type contains different fields, you can only associate one lead type per list.

dynamic list


Step 3: Advanced List Criteria

Next, you will be given the option to narrow down your list criteria by the fields that are specific to the lead type you selected. By default, the system will not utilize any of these filters until you turn them on by checking the box in the upper right hand corner. Note: leaving a filter off (not clicking the respective checkbox) is the same as saying, “Accept leads with any of these criteria.”

dynamic list


Step 4: Duplicates

Next, you have the option to specify your duplicate strategy for this list. The “Take No Action” option tells the system to reject any duplicate leads that try to enter this list and to take no additional action. The “Move Contact To List” option still rejects the duplicate lead from the list, but allows you to insert it into one or more of your other, previously created lists. Note: By entering this contact into another list, you are also entering it into any dynamic campaign that is attached to that list. 

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Step 5: Finish

Finally, name your list and click Save. Once you click Save, your list is complete. However, your list will not start collecting contacts until it is attached to an active campaign. View our campaign setup page to learn how.