Why Use Multiple ESPs?


Outbound Automation by boberdoo allows you to send emails via 3rd party Email Service Providers. While you could still send your marketing campaigns using just one ESP, there are some serious advantages to integrating multiple ESPs in your system.


multiple ESPs with boberdoo.com


Maximize Deliverability With Multiple ESPs

The biggest advantage of integrating more than one ESP into Outbound Automation is the ability to monitor and adjust your sending based on the deliverability of your ESPs. Not only does your system segment the send/bounce rates of each ESP, but it also tracks the sending performance to each individual email client. For example, you can monitor not only the send/bounce rate of your Sendgrid ESP, but also the rate at which Sendgrid delivers to Gmail accounts in relation to the rate at which your Amazon SES ESP delivers to Gmail. This allows you to adjust your sending ratios accordingly and maximize deliverability. 

Failover Options

With a traditional email marketing system, if your account fails to send or gets suspended, you’re out of options. With Outbound Automation by boberdoo, integrating multiple ESPs gives you a failover options. In the event that your primary ESP hits a limit, fails to send or is suspended, your ‘Failover ESP’ will take over sending without skipping a beat. And believe us, some ESPs have a pretty short leash when it comes to dishing out suspensions. Even our test Amazon SES account was temporarily suspended. Take our word for it, having a failover option is a lifesaver.

Build Premium ESP

The ability to send through multiple ESPs selectively allows you to manage the reputation of each ESP. As an example, we encourage our clients to send the first email to every contact through the same ESP. This ESP will be used to filter out all email addresses that bounce and also collect spam complaints at the onset of a campaign. Once those contacts are removed, you can continue sending the rest of your campaign through a different ESP. In this scenario, your first ESP will take all of the bad statistics, while your second ESP will build its reputation as a good sender. Your second ESP will continually gain trust, increase its inboxing rates and grow into a premium ESP that you can use to send your most profitable campaigns through.

Flexible Pricing Structures

Multiple ESPs give you ultimate freedom when it comes to pricing. Compare the price structures and monthly limits of each ESP to determine which is right for you. Some of our clients even sign up for free accounts through multiple ESPs. While the free accounts generally have a daily or monthly sending limit, when combined with other free accounts they can amount to tens of thousands of free email sends each month.

Using multiple ESPs is the most effective and sophisticated way to email. boberdoo’s Outbound Automation system integrates with the following ESPs. Click the links below for setup instructions.


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