Lead Distribution Software

Our clients can fully automate the daily tasks of lead distribution, lead management, accounting, billing and reporting, track and segment incoming leads from various sources and route those leads to clients based on custom business rules.

Call Routing

The boberdoo.com system handles inbound call routing for our clients that sell phone calls. Many of our clients advertise their phone numbers on TV, radio, online and print, which then route through boberdoo.com based on custom business rules they create.


You have probably run into technical issues either buying or selling leads in a ping/post vertical. From pinging in multiple formats to hash distribution directives, the boberdoo.com distribution system has the reliability and flexibility to meet your needs.

Outbound Automation Software

Remarketing to leads is the future of the lead industry and with our outbound marketing suite, it's easier than ever before. Our set-it-and-forget-it email and SMS drip options and 3rd party ESP integrations can significantly increase your revenue per lead.

Why Choose boberdoo?

Every Day Our Clients Process

15,000,000 PINGS

1,700,000 LEADS

175,000 Buyers


Innovating And Improving The Lead Industry Since 2001

boberdoo.com is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider for the lead generation and online marketing industries. Our lead distribution solution allows you to track, route and bill for web leads and calls while our outbound automation software give you the ability to send drip email & SMS campaigns for affiliate and internal offers.

There are a lot of things to worry about in this business but your software does not have to be one of them.


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