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Web Campaigns


Creating web campaigns and managing all of your affiliates/publishers/vendors can be a daunting task. From click tracking and firing pixels to each individual billing transaction, running web campaigns without the appropriate software is an impossible task. That’s why boberdoo.com has developed a web campaign feature that is dedicated to consolidating every step of your web campaign process to one convenient yet powerful platform.

Most affiliate offers are set up for a company to run an offer on behalf of one advertiser, who buys all of the resulting traffic. Pixels can sit on a confirmation page and fire whenever it is reached. Everyone is happy. But boberdoo clients sell leads to over 150,000 different lead buyers, all at different prices, terms and conditions.  Lead generation companies cannot run an offer for a $10 payout on a first page submit if they sell some leads for $5 and some for $25 based on the answers provided by the lead.  With boberdoo web campaigns, you can create web campaigns that pay out to your affiliates at the price and frequency of your choosing. This flexibility gives you the luxury of building a web campaign that is both profitable for you and attractive to affiliates.

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Web Campaign Types

When creating your web campaign, you have two payout options.

  • Per-lead (Sold Leads)
    Pay your vendor only for leads that match to a buyer.
  • Bucket
    You specify a payout amount and payout margin. Once your vendor reaches your specified threshold (fills and tips the bucket), the pixel fires and you pay the payout amount.


Attach tracking pixels for each campaign by source. You can also specify for which specific actions you want the pixel to fire and trigger the billing transaction.

Create Link

Create unique links for each vendor and track all activity. You can also track Sub IDs and Pub IDs.

Vendor Admin

You have unlimited admin logins for your vendors/affiliates. From here you can pass all relevant web campaign tools, creatives and lead activity. Each admin can be customized on a vendor-by-vendor basis. This means that you can display only the tools and information that you want your vendors to see.

If you would like to learn more about boberdoo’s web campaigns and affiliate tracking features, feel free to give us a call at 800-776-5646. We would be happy to discuss your specific business needs and determine exactly how boberdoo can be of assistance.