Inbound Marketing Activity

These Video Cover Your Inbound Traffic and How To Get Leads Into The System.

System Overview
Lead Types & Posting Specs
Ping Post Specifications
Form Builder
Alternative To Selling Calls On Duration

Tracking And Segmenting Leads

These Videos Cover The Inbound Lead Tracking And Segmenting Options In Your Boberdoo System.


Past Webinars

These videos are past boberdoo U classes about different subjects about the boberdoo system.

Using Refunds Instead Of Selling Calls On Duration
Data Security And The Vermont Data Broker Law
Pro Tips For Tickets
10 Things New boberdoo Users Should Know

Distributing Leads

These Videos Cover Your Outbound Leads And Lead Buyers.

Create a New Partner
Partner Billing Options
Create a Filter Set
Set Lead Delivery Methods
Add Money To Partner Account
Manage Partner Admin
See Info Sent To Your Buyer
Copy an Existing Client or Lead Buyer
Enable Call Center Verification
Aged Leads

Reporting And Lead Tools

These Videos Cover Your Reporting Options And Some Additional Tools And Features.

Lead Refunds
Users and Groups
Notifications Manager
Leads Page Tools
Export Leads
Set Up Your Sendgrid
Column Priority Configuration