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Does boberdoo.com buy or sell leads?
No. boberdoo.com is an application service provider. We offer a back office system for lead companies. While our clients buy and sell leads, in an effort to avoid any conflicts of interest, we do not.

Does the boberdoo.com lead system generate leads?
No. The boberdoo.com lead system is a back-office application that manages all tracking, distribution and billing needs for any lead company.

Does the boberdoo system distribute web leads or calls?
Both. The boberdoo system can distribute web leads from any vertical and our call routing feature allows you to route inbound calls and live transfers with the same distribution logic as our web leads.

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Why would my lead company want to use the boberdoo.com lead system?
boberdoo.com has been building lead systems since 2001. With nearly two decades of experience, we have seen just about everything a lead company can want or need and have built these solutions into our standard out-of-the-box software.

Do you offer a free trial or a demo version of the software?
We do not have free use logins, primarily due to the wide variety of ways in which our clients utilize the system. However, our sales team would be happy to jump on a call and discuss what functionality you need (call routing, ping post, etc). We would be happy to customize a live demo to show you how boberdoo.com can meet your specific needs.

How many leads per day can the boberdoo.com system handle?
We have clients that only sell 50 leads per day and we have clients that have done 250,000 leads per day. The boberdoo.com lead system can handle volume for both the startup lead company and the established giants.

What lead verticals does the boberdoo system handle?
With the boberdoo system, you can operate in any vertical of your choosing. This also includes inbound calls. You tell us your lead vertical and the required and optional fields and we build your lead type for you.

Do I have to download the boberdoo software?
No. boberdoo is a web-based platform that can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. boberdoo works perfectly on both Mac and PC computers as well as tablets, iphones and Android phones.

How is the system branded? Is it a whitelabel solution?
The interface is branded with your logo in the upper left hand corner of the system. The only places that boberdoo appears is on an iphone app button at the top of the system and in the footer. These can be removed for a 1-time fee. We still would not call our system a whitelabel solution as a savvy internet researcher may still be able to trace the system back to boberdoo.

Where does the boberdoo system reside?
boberdoo hosts all of our clients' leadsystems. The system can reside either on a subdomain of yours (e.g. leads.yourbusiness.com) or on a subdomain of ours called leadportal (e.g. yourbusiness.leadportal.com).

Who is responsible for the protection of my data and leads?
You are responsible for all of your leads. However, we utilize Server Central, Amazon and Rackspace cloud servers and have industry-accepted security measures in place. We also offer the ability to delete sensitive data fields based on custom settings to further reduce your liability and limit your risk.

What kind of skill level does it take to manage boberdoo?
boberdoo is designed to be a complete back office for business professionals to manage their business without the need for an "IT guy." We offer a standard system that is fully operational out-of-the-box and we can customize it to better meet your needs. As with any new technology, there is a learning curve but we have found there is a direct correlation between the amount of time spent in the system and the success of our clients.

Can I just buy the source code from boberdoo.com?
No. We are an application service provider and we host our clients’ systems. If there are features missing from the base system, we can work on custom development work for your company.

Can you translate the system into another language or use another currency?
We cannot translate the system into another language. We can change the time, currency and possibly build your lead types in different languages, but the bulk of the software would still be in English.

Where can I learn more about the boberdoo.com lead distribution system?
We would be happy to discuss the specific needs of your business and exactly how boberdoo can meet those needs. Give us a call at 800-776-5646.


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