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Over 30 Total Quality Checks

Dozens of verification checks with data comparisons with 5 different data sources.

Intuitive Scoring System

Each lead receives a score between 0 and 100 and includes all passed checks and flagged results.

Customizable Filters

You determine exactly what should be considered a passed and failed lead check or use our default settings.

Adjustable Bar

Consider what may disqualify a bad lead normally, but would also disqualify a good lead, just in a different situation, like zip codes when traveling.

Source Level Check

Run checks only on the lead sources you specify.

Pay Per Query

No monthly payment or sign up fees - simply pay per each lead checked.

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leadQC By boberdoo

leadQC (Lead Quality Check) is boberdoo's proprietary lead verification system. Built into your leadsystem, leadQC checks your inbound leads for their quality before they attempt to match to a buyer and then provides a score for each individual lead. All passing leads are routed in real-time while all flagged leads are held in manual review for you to approve or decline. leadQC also provides the flexibility to only run checks on leads coming in from specific sources. Furthermore, you can turn leadQC on and off with the simple flick of a switch. If you'd like to learn more about leadQC, please fill out the form below.

leadQC Certificates

In addition to boberdoo's real-time quality checks, we also offer a product that takes real-time screenshots of your pages as your leads land on them and fill out your form. This is perfect for any business looking to not only remain legally compliant, but also have proof of that compliance. Learn more here!

boberdoo is a leading provider of lead and call distribution software. If you have any experience in the lead industry, you know that the small things matter. Whether that means having access to lead quality check tools or the assurance that your lead software provider has been around since 2001, boberdoo also understands that the small things matter. If you're ready to stop worrying about your lead system and start growing your business, give us a call at 800-776-5646.

Full leadQC video:


leadQC is offered as a usage-based optional add-on to the lead system or stand alone API.

What are some of the leadQC checks?

leadQC checks...
The phone number for:
Area code info
Geophone name similarity
Phone type
Phone DNC info
Phone line connection status
Phone line type
Known litigator check
Reverse phone lookup

The address for:
-Reverse address mapping

The email for:
-Valid MX domain
-Bad words
-Disposable email

The name for:
-US census
-Bad words

Additional Features

Reverse IP Lookup

US Census Check

Reverse Address Lookup

MX Record Check

Reverse Phone Lookup

Local DNC Check

Local Bad Words Check

Allocation By Source

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