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What Are Live Transfers?

A live transfer is the process of handing off a live call between a lead and a call center rep to a call buyer who then takes over the call to speak with the lead. Typically the call center rep either receives an inbound call or places an outbound call to connect with a lead. The call center rep then collects additional information about the lead before dialing out to potential call buyers. Once a buyer picks up, the rep introduces the lead and the call buyer before dropping off the line. Finally, the call buyer then receives the full lead details that were collected by the call center rep in the form of a data lead.

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Why Are Live Transfers Used?

Live transfers allow lead companies to take advantage of call centers to generate or improve the quality of calls. A call center rep can either dial out to potential leads to generate a phone lead or field inbound calls before transferring them to call buyers. Once connected to a lead, the call center reps qualify the leads and ask them additional questions with the intention of providing these details to the call buyer. Finally, the call center rep provides a personal introduction between the lead and the call buyer, smoothing the transition as the lead is passed along. Call sellers like utilizing live transfers because they allow call centers to weed out bad callers and improve the quality of good callers. This, ultimately, improves the lead company’s call quality and the premium they can charge for their calls.

Request A DemoSophisticated call routing software should give you several options when it comes to live transfers. Live transfers in the boberdoo lead and call distribution system can be handled three different ways.

What Are Your Live Transfer Options?

1. Live Transfers With Call Matching (Standard Live Transfers)

When using live transfers with call matching, the live call is transferred and routed to the buyers based on the phone information of the lead. This means that the lead’s area code (or other information collected through an IVR) is used to determine exactly which buyer the call will be routed to. Although the call center rep collects additional information from the lead that eventually is routed to the buyer, this additional information does not influence the routing logic of the live call.

2. Live Transfers With Data Matching (Full Response Method)

When using live transfers with data matching (full response method), the live call is transferred and sold to the buyer based on the data collected by the call center rep during the initial call. After the call center rep collects the information from the lead, the rep submits the complete data lead into the boberdoo system. All of the lead details are posted into the boberdoo system to find a single matching lead buyer. boberdoo then returns the matching buyer’s information back to the call center rep, so the rep can transfer the call to the buyer that received the data.

3. Live Transfers With Data Matching (Ping Post Method)

*This method requires extensive system customization and custom training. Please contact support to discuss your options before committing to this method.

When using live transfers with data matching (ping post method), the live call is transferred and sold to the buyer based on the data collected by the call center rep during the initial call. For example, if the call center rep collects the lead’s zip code, mortgage amount and credit rating, any or all of these fields are used to determine the best buyer before a call into the boberdoo system is placed. This is done by pinging partial lead details into the boberdoo system and to your network of buyers in order to collect and sort the best available buyers.

Getting Started With Live Transfers

If you’d like to start selling live transfers using the boberdoo lead distribution system, we’d love to help you get started. Your first step is determining which of the live transfer options above you’d like to utilize. If you’d like to discuss which option is the best for you, we’d be happy to help. If you are currently using the boberdoo system, please create a support ticket to get started. If you are not a boberdoo client, fill out the form below and we can schedule a time to review your options.

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