Support Articles


Welcome to the boberdoo support article page. These articles are meant to help you set up certain aspects of the system and introduce you to some additional features. To access our How To videos and see the system in action, please visit our Video Library.

Getting Started With boberdoo

If you are new to the boberdoo system or looking to brush up on the basics, this is the best place to start.

boberdoo Introduction Manual
New Client Setup

Tracking And Segmenting Leads

These articles cover the inbound lead tracking and segmentation options available within the boberdoo system.

Setting Up a Lead Seller
Lead Source (SRC) Definitions
Testing Lead Submissions
Unmatched Leads
Setting Up a Phone Campaign

Distributing Leads

These articles feature your options when it comes to distribution and handling lead buyers.

Setting Up a Lead Buyer
How Leads Match To Buyers
Filter Set Definitions
Lead Posting Responses - Short vs. Long
boberdoo Billing options
Invoicing and Invoice Manager
Auto Rebilling Options in boberdoo
Duplicate Checking
IVR Manager
Setting Up Facebook Lead Ads
Call Center Verification
Payday Lead Setup
Web Campaigns

Reporting and Leads Tools

These articles cover reports and some additional tools in your system.

Reports Guide
CRM Integration Options
Ping Post Lead Log
Duplicate Checking
Filter List Tab
Configure Partners/Filter Sets
Column Priority Configuration
Show Call Recordings In Partner Admins

Additional Features

These articles cover various miscellaneous features within your system.

Support Tickets
boberdoo Themes
Send boberdoo Emails With Gmail
SMTP Setup
Outside Services Tab