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Introducing A Powerful Tool For Lead Buyers

boberdoo has been providing lead distribution software to the lead industry since 2001, and has been at the forefront of technological advances in the industry, especially in the world of ping post. As of early 2019, our clients are processing approximately 30 million inbound pings per day (about 5x on the outbound). While the majority of our clients are lead sellers, we have seen an increase in the number of lead buyers that have become clients, in order to have more control over their lead buying.  

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What Is Ping Post And Why Is It Important?

Ping post allows a lead seller to send partial information, the ping, of a lead to their network of lead buyers. The buyer then determines whether they would like to purchase the lead based on this information. This ping delivers only the information that is required for the buyers to make an informed purchase, but not the contact information of the lead. The most important thing we see about ping post is that it protects the consumer's information; so their details are only sent to the service provider that will contact them, but all parties involved in this process benefit.

boberdoo now has a system designed specifically for the needs of lead buyers, allowing them total control over their lead buying to optimize their Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) with every affiliate, vendor or lead seller with whom they work. If you buy leads and experience issues with managing affiliates, logging into multiple systems and/or paying a fixed price for every lead you purchase, the boberdoo buyer system will be the most important tool you have in your sales arsenal. 

What Is The boberdoo Buyer System?

The boberdoo buyer system sits in front of your CRM and provides one platform from which to set up, manage and analyze every affiliate that sells you leads. The seller pings partial information about the lead into your boberdoo buyer which matches to one of your custom business rules to have a dynamic bid returned. If you win the lead, the seller posts the full lead details to the user friendly boberdoo buyer system, which in turn, posts the full lead to your CRM and returns a success response back to the seller. 

What Are The Benefits Of The boberdoo Buyer System?

  • Manage Multiple Lead Sellers:
    • One central platform to provide consistent API specs.
    • Create custom bidding rules for each seller.
    • Track seller activity and make bid adjustments based on performance. 
    • Maintain total control over your lead buying.
  • Create Intelligent Bidding Strategies
    • Align the price you will pay for a lead with its value to your organization.
    • Create unique bids based on any field the lead completes, like geolocation, quantity, time/day of week.
    • Pay more for leads that close well, and less for leads that do not perform.
  • Perform A/B Tests Through Bid Experiments 
    • Vary the price returned to pings based on seller and any attribute(s) of the lead.
    • Optimize your marketing budget and maximize your lead volume.
    • Discover hidden opportunities within your lead buying.
    • Test, test and test some more to optimize your CPA.  
  • Transparent Analysis And Reporting
    • Easily track your spend by lead seller.
    • Identify trends in the lead market.
    • Expand profitable relationships. 
    • Reduce your spend on bad leads.


Are you are a lead buyer who is tired of wasting time, effort and money while dealing with lead sellers on a fixed price basis? Have you ever asked, where can I buy leads? The boberdoo buyer system can provide you with total control over your lead buying, reduce wasting money on bad leads and give you the tools to optimize your CPA. 

The SaaS Solution For The Lead Buying Industry.

Innovating and improving the lead industry since 2001

Leverage a platform that processes 30 million pings per day

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