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Lead Distribution Software and Call Routing

boberdoo.com is an application service provider for the lead generation industry.  Whether you sell internet leads, inbound calls or both, our lead distribution software is the perfect solution for any lead generation company looking to take its business to the next level.  

Our cost effective solutions will save countless hours while helping you understand and manage your lead business better. You will save time, serve your clients better, optimize lead matching and delivery, and increase the overall image of your lead company by utilizing boberdoo.com's lead distribution software.  Now is the time to fully automate your lead generation company's back office tasks.  

Video Tutorials

For a short video that goes over the highlights of the boberdoo.com lead system, please click here.

For more in depth videos on specific features, please check here.

Distribution Software

Lead Distribution Software

Our clients can fully automate the daily tasks of lead distribution, lead management, accounting, billing and reporting. Track and segment incoming leads from various sources and route those leads to clients based on custom business rules.

Call Routing

Call Routing

The boberdoo.com system handles inbound call routing for our clients that sell phone calls. Many of our clients advertise their phone numbers on TV, radio, online and print, which then route through boberdoo.com based on custom business rules they create.

Lead Verification System


You have probably run into technical issues either buying or selling leads in a ping/post vertical. From pinging in multiple formats to hash distribution directives, the boberdoo.com distribution system has the reliability and flexibility to meet your needs.


I wanted to take a moment to express my satisfaction in having decided to switch lead platform providers; I only wish I had done so sooner. Whereas, with my previous provider I was constantly worried about how the next bug or breakdown was going to cost me money or a dissatisfied client, boberdoo has allowed me to double my lead revenue less than two months. Further, the courtesy, responsiveness, and efficacy of your staff and developer team give me a feeling of someone looking out for us – a real asset in the lead business. I wish all of you at boberdoo the best in your continued success and looks forward to the fruits of our ongoing partnership. Please feel free to have any prospective new client contact me as a reference.

COO Bold Media Group, James Boston

I have used boberdoo.com for quite some time now and their software is definitely a major asset to my company. From tracking lead traffic to managing my database of clients, it definitely helps to have numerous aspects of my business in one central location. My clients appreciate the tracking capabilities they are given as well, especially for those that don’t have the technology present in their own offices. Most of all, boberdoo.com makes it extremely easy for me to manage the multiple verticals I generate leads in through one main platform. Thanks, guys.

Owner GotConsumer.com, Chris Capuano

The lead business is volatile and having a boberdoo.com system allows me to adapt to the ever-changing marketplace. I can easily enter new markets and track my traffic so I know exactly where my profits are.

CEO PinpointProspects.com, Anthony Fabrizio