The 2025 Medicare Consent Rule And boberdoo's Dynamic Solution

With all these new regulations coming out, data privacy must be a cornerstone in your lead business, especially within the healthcare space. The upcoming CMS rule, underscores this by requiring explicit, one-to-one consent before sharing Medicare beneficiaries' data. This ruling is going into effect on October 1st, 2024, so if you are in that space, you'd better get moving!

2025 Medicare Consent Rule

Understanding This New Medicare Consent Rule

This mandate aims to protect beneficiaries from unsolicited marketing, demanding that third-party marketing organizations (TPMOs) secure direct consent—even through manual dialing. This mandate is stricter than the FCC's closing the lead generation loophole regulation. Even with that, you can still manually dial, but for Medicare, even manual dialing needs one-to-one explicit consent! It's a move to enhance data privacy and attempts to force consumer data to be handled respectfully.

Introducing boberdoo's Dynamic Consent Solution

Enter boberdoo's Dynamic Consent: a customizable solution that empowers consumers to control which companies they would like to be contacted by, fulfilling the one-to-one consent. There are currently four different ways you can use Dynamic Consent for your business, as shown in this article. This system aligns with the new CMS regulations by facilitating explicit one-to-one consent, thereby supporting TPMOs in maintaining compliance.

Benefits Of Using boberdoo Regarding Compliance

boberdoo simplifies the consent process, offering flexibility and transparency to bolster consumer trust. Dynamic Consent is not the only place where data security and compliance are essential pillars to boberdoo; check out our trust center to learn more about our data privacy, security and trust standards. 

The 2025 Medicare consent rule marks a significant shift that is coming very soon for healthcare data management. To dive deeper into boberdoo's Dynamic Consent, schedule a demo so we can set you up before the regulations are live. Either way, you should seek guidance on navigating these new regulations and consider legal help to be sure you have all your i's dotted and t's crossed when October 1st arrives. Businesses will need to embrace the future of healthcare marketing with tools that prioritize data privacy and compliance.


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