Lead Distribution System

boberdoo lead distribution software
boberdoo lead distribution software

Real-Time Lead Distribution

Utilize custom business rules that you configure to route web leads and calls in any vertical.

Multiple Distribution Logic Variations

Route leads based on price, priority, EPL, weighted logic or a custom process you define.

Post leads in real-time into any CRM, Lead Management System or other external system.

Construct custom filter sets for each lead buyer to define exactly which leads and calls they can buy at what price.

Unique platform and logins for each of your vendors and partners to track their activity.

Track line by line transactions with invoicing and automated re-billing options.

boberdoo’s Advanced Lead Distribution System

Whether you are a 1-man organization or a company that generates thousands of leads per day, our lead distribution system will save you countless hours and position you to maximize your revenue on every lead. You will save time, serve your clients better, optimize lead matching and delivery, and increase the overall image of your lead company by utilizing a boberdoo.com lead distribution system.

After over 16 years of experience in the lead industry, we have learned and adapted to changes and demands within the industry and have built a lead distribution system that can cater to the intricate details of your lead generation business. boberdoo.com’s lead distribution system allows you to track and segment all of your marketing activity in one platform and route leads to various buyers based on custom business rules you create. If you haven’t already, now is the time to fully automate your lead generation company’s back office tasks. If you already have a fully automated system, now is the time to ask yourself if it is not only accounting for all of your business’ needs, but also allowing for your business to grow. If you are interested in the boberdoo.com lead distribution system or have any questions, please feel free to contact us today!