Static Campaigns Are Here!

Are you looking to send email marketing campaigns to the leads in your boberdoo system or a list of contacts? If so, you’re in luck. Static campaigns are now complete in boberdoo’s automated email marketing system. With static campaigns, you can either select a group of leads from your lead system or upload a CSV file full of contacts and schedule drip campaigns to send to them. Because these campaigns reside within your boberdoo system, your email campaigns can take full advantage of several lead system functions.

static campaigns by

What is Outbound Automation?

Outbound Automation by boberdoo is an automated email and push notification marketing system built to help lead companies monetize their leads and data. Our marketing system allows you to use multiple 3rd party ESPs to send sophisticated email drip campaigns. Because the system is built right into the boberdoo lead distribution system you can use it to build fully automated remarketing campaigns aimed at every fresh lead that enters the system. With this tool, you can turn incoming leads into unique leads in a new lead type or monetize your traffic through an affiliate offer.

Want to learn how Outbound Automation can help your specific lead business? We’d be happy to walk you through the system and determine exactly how it can help you monetize your leads and data. Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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