Setting Up A Static List For Outbound Automation


Step 1: List Type

To create a static list, go to your Lists tab and select Create New List From File.

Step 2: Upload List

Next click the Choose File button and select your file. Note: The file you upload must be CSV file formatted like the image below. You can include as many columns or fields as you would like, but the only fields that Outbound Automation can utilize are: First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, Address, City, State, Zip, Sub ID, Pub ID and Source. CSV files by default separate items by commas. If your file separates items by a different symbol, feel free to adjust the CSV Delimiter and CSV Enclosure fields. Click Move To Next Step.

static list

Step 3: Field Mapping

Your next step is to map the columns from your CSV file to the fields available in Outbound Automation. The first row of dropdown menus represents the available fields in Outbound Automation while the second row represents the column headers from your CSV file. Use the field dropdowns to map your fields then click Move To Next Step.



Step 4: Finish

Finally, name your static list. Once you click submit, you will be redirected to your Marketing Lists dashboard and you will see your list in a processing status. Once processing is complete, this status will change to a green Processed status and will then be available to use in any campaign.