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The boberdoo web campaigns feature was designed to help you manage every aspect of your web campaigns. Our platform allows you to track and manage all affiliate activity and billing transactions all-the-while utilizing boberdoo’s advanced lead distribution capabilities to deliver leads to your buyers in real-time. With traditional affiliate networks, you are forced to fire pixels and pay out to your affiliates/publishers every time a lead hits your confirmation page. However, this constrains you to a very rigid pricing structure that likely does not align with the way you sell leads. Because of this, we have developed four unique campaign and payout options that allow you to price and market your offers in the method of your choosing. With boberdoo, you can run your campaigns your way.

This page details one of our four payout methods: Bucket. With this campaign type, you set a Bucket Payout Amount and a Bucket Payout Margin. Your Bucket Payout Amount is the total amount of revenue (minus your margin) that your affiliate must generate before the bucket tips and triggers the pixel to fire. Once the pixel fires, your affiliate will receive the Bucket Payout Amount. The Bucket Payout Margin is the profit margin that you trim from your affiliate’s Bucket Payout Amount. So let’s say you set your affiliate’s Bucket Payout Amount to $50 and your Bucket Payout Margin at $10. Your affiliate drives traffic to your landing page but does not get paid until the total amount of revenue from sold leads equals $60 ($50 payout amount plus $10 payout margin).

Why would I use this campaign type?

Let’s say you are running an offer in the payday lead vertical. As you may know, with the tiered pricing structure in the payday vertical, lead prices can range anywhere from $5 up to well over $100 depending on the lead’s information. Your business is no exception and your buyers purchase leads with greatly varying prices. However, with such a large discrepancy in lead price, it is difficult to assign a set payout amount for each pixel fire. Because of this, you set up a Bucket payout with your Bucket Payout Amount at $100 and your Bucket Payout Margin at $20. One of your affiliates (Affiliate A) then begins driving traffic to your landing page. Leads flow in from Affiliate A, selling to your buyers for varying prices and filling up the ‘bucket.’  The first lead from Affiliate A sells for $75. The next two sell for $20 each leaving Affiliate A’s bucket total at $115. However, the bucket does not tip and the pixel does not fire until one more lead from Affiliate A sells for at least $5 bringing the total to $120. At this point, the bucket tips, the pixel fires and Affiliate A receives his/her $100 Bucket Payout Amount.

The Bucket campaign type is just one of the four campaign types in the boberdoo web campaigns feature. To learn more about the other campaign types, follow the links below.

Alternative Campaign Type

Per Lead (Sold Leads) 


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