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Distribution Options

This section contains the high-level lead distribution options and logic variations available within boberdoo.

Real-Time Distribution
Call Routing
Live Transfers
Ping Post
Price-Based Distribution Logic
Priority-Based Distribution Logic
Weighted Distribution Logic
Earnings-Per-Lead Distribution Logic

Feature Tabs

These section covers the tab-level feature options available within boberdoo.

Bid Experiments
Form Builder
Web Campaigns

Admin Tools

This section features the most important admin-level tools that will help save you time and optimize your lead business's back office tasks.

Multiple Billing Options
Custom Source Settings
Multiple Lead Verticals
Standard Reports
Timed Reports
Non-Exclusive Leads
Ability to sell the same lead to multiple buyers.
API Specs
Set of API functions that can be called within your boberdoo system.
Bulk Request Refund
Bulk process lead refunds.
User Groups
Call Center Verification
International Call Routing
Route calls to and from any country. Please inquire about adjusted call routing pricing.
Local DNC List
Manage an internal list of numbers that will be rejected before attempting to route to a buyer.
Bad Word List
Internal list of words that, if detected in an incoming lead, causes the lead to be rejected. E.g. 'Test'
Custom Duplicate Checks
Configure each lead type's duplicate qualifications and rules to meet your specifications.
Custom SMTP
Utilize your SMTP to send notifications and email deliveries from your system.
Global Lead Search
Search for individual leads across all lead types within the system.
Bulk Filter Set Update

Adjust and update multiple filter sets at once.

Vendor/Partner Tools

This section covers the features associated with the vendor, partner and sales rep logins available within the system.

Posting To CRMs
Lead Buyer Logins
Unlimited logins and unique portal for each of your lead buyers.
Partner Groups

Organize partners into groups to prevent the same lead from being sold to the same partner group more than once.

Partner Labels
Label your partners based on lead type or any other internal value to manage and report on your partner list accordingly.
Vendor Logins
Unlimited logins and unique portal for each of your lead vendors.
Vendor Reports
Unique reports for each of your vendors.
Sales Rep Logins
Unlimited logins and unique portal for each of your sales reps.
Sales Rep Reports
Unique reports for each of your sales reps.