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boberdoo Outside Services Integrations

Outside Services is a bring-your-own-credentials (BYOC) tab of the lead system that allows you to make third-party API calls to various services to affect your ping and post processing. To set up these services, follow our step-by-step guides.



leadQC (Lead Quality Check) is boberdoo's proprietary lead verification system. Built into your leadsystem, leadQC checks your inbound leads for their quality before they attempt to match to a buyer and then provides a score for each individual lead. All passing leads are routed in real-time while all flagged leads are held in manual review for you to approve or decline.

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Are there particular exceptions you'd like to incorporate into your margin calculations? Whether it's decreasing margins for specific regions or enhancing them during certain hours, Bid Modifier allows you to integrate these rules directly into your system.

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Anura’s product is curated to help reduce the number of resources wasted on marketing campaigns that are being hijacked by fraudulent and malicious outside influences. They support our clients’ fraud mitigation efforts through strategic, detail-oriented, and extensive fraud detection measures designed to eliminate false positives, minimize data discrepancies, and catch fraudulent visitors before it’s too late.

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Real Phone Validation uses a Phone Validator API for real-time form validation or Bulk Phone Number Validation for lists. They help businesses improve the quality of their phone data by identifying connection status (connected/disconnected), phone type, & carrier lookup.

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As an independent third party witnessing the moment of lead capture, TrustedForm provides critical contextual data about the lead. This data can be appended to your leads in real time to optimize your lead acquisition and follow-up process.

Do you need help with call center compliance and Do Not Call compliance? Do you need to know how to scrub leads against the DNC?  Contact Center Compliance can assist you in answering these questions with our trusted suite of cloud-based compliance solutions including real-time, reassigned phone number and TCPA litigator scrubbing.

With Jornaya Intelligence you gain transparency and visibility into the leads you’re buying and connect to the customer journey. We have a first-hand view of 200+ million major-life purchase decisions every month, which provides you with an expanded data set to have smarter and safer customer interactions.

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Verse.io's AI + live agents nurture leads via SMS and when prospects are ready to connect, we live transfer them to your internal reps via inbound calls. 


The Blacklist Alliance was founded by a small group of marketing professionals and attorneys who spent years fighting against abusive TCPA lawsuits. Currently, they help marketers, call centers, and other organizations that use an automated telephone dialing system (ATDS) to avoid and defend against abusive Telephone Consumer Protection Act litigation.


Infutor has mastered the science of consumer identity management and identity resolution. With an unrivaled depth and breadth of accurate data permissibly obtained from the most authoritative sources, we deliver what brands need to know about consumers in real time to make informed marketing and risk mitigation decisions.


LeadConduit is a real-time lead optimization platform that empowers you to take action on your leads by customizing lead flow, enhancing leads with additional data, filter and reject leads, and deliver it all straight to your CRM.


Create custom landing pages with Unbounce—no coding required. Get the highest-converting campaigns possible with Unbounce Conversion Intelligence™, and our latest AI feature, Smart Traffic.


Trestle provides the data you need to create, develop and reinforce customer relationships across the United States and Canada. 

With services including Reverse Phone, Reverse Address, Caller Identification, Find Person, Phone Validation and Real Contact APIs. 


IPQualityScore's suite of fraud prevention tools enable bot detection and user screening to prevent fake accounts, chargebacks, & malicious users without interrupting the user experience. Detect bad actors and block bots with industry leading IP reputation data and user validation solutions.

briteverifylogoBriteVerify is a contact verification solution providing secure, scalable validation so you can build and maintain an actionable database, reach more people, and communicate more effectively.


Pipes.AI helps marketers convert digital leads to real revenue opportunities for sales teams. It follows up with digital leads via AI-driven calls or texts to drive live calls of actual prospects into call centers. It also shows which leads are most effective to streamline spend optimization.

If you are looking to integrate a service that you do not see here, simply open a ticket and our team can work with you to integrate it into the Outside Services tab. If you would like to be added to this list, please reach out to helpdesk@boberdoo.com

*boberdoo may be compensated for referrals.