Stay Organized And Efficient With The Filter List Tab

So your business is doing great. With each new lead buyer you’re adding more filter sets that are helping you maximize your revenue on every lead. However, as your business grows are you finding it harder to keep track of the pricing structures and custom rules that go along with each of your buyers? That’s okay. We are prepared for that.

The filter list tab was built to give you a 30,000 foot view of all of your filter sets within each of your lead types. You don’t need to bounce back and forth between partner accounts to view the specifics of your filter sets. It can all be done from here. 

filter list


How It’s Done

All you need to do is click the Filter List tab and select a lead type. From here you can see all of your filter sets for that lead type as well as price, lead limits and the balance of the partner’s account. You can even drill down further by using the filtering tool in the upper right hand corner. This allows you to sort by settings within your filter sets including priorities, exclusivities, filter and partner statuses and the custom fields that are specific to each lead type.


The Filter List Best Practices

While the filter list is a simple tool, it does present you with opportunities to run your business more efficiently. By performing search queries of your filter sets and partners, you can easily determine exactly who is accepting which leads down to the most minute details. For example, you can perform a query asking “In my home improvement vertical, which of my partners accept leads for siding replacement in Wisconsin and Illinois.” From there, you will be given a list of all the filter sets that accept your listed variables. You can even drill down further and ask questions like, “In my insurance vertical, which of my partners are buying non-exclusive life insurance leads in Florida for anyone 55 years and older?” By running queries and finding available buyers, you can easily keep track of your partners, their filter sets and the prices they are paying, which will allow you to run your business more efficiently by cutting down on unmatched leads and selling more.

We want you to be able to use your boberdoo system as efficiently and effectively as possible. If you would like to learn more about your system or how to perform specific actions, head over to our video library and watch our step-by-step videos. 

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