Lead System Security And Data Retention

boberdoo's lead system security and data retention features will be available in the next system update, coming soon. 

Data security is more important than ever before. It is in both your business's best interest as well as the lead’s to keep all data in your lead system secure. Because of that, boberdoo has developed a lead system security and data management suite that allows you to build and implement a complete, automated data security and retention strategy. Here are your options.

Two-factor authentication set at the user-level for logins to the boberdoo system.

Sensitive data encryption with access via Secure Mode. Personally Identifiable Information field option coming soon...

Individual field and full lead deletion rules. Pair with secure export to retain data in your Amazon account.

Automated and bulk secure export to store encrypted data in your Amazon Web Services account.

boberdoo Security Recommendation

Although each security measures above can be used as standalone features, we strongly encourage you to use each of these options in conjunction to create a complete data security and retention strategy.


    1. Two-factor authentication upon login
    2. Sensitive field encryption and field masking for personally identifiable information upon lead submission or post into the system
    3. Sensitive/PII field deletion after 3 days and full lead deletion after 14 days
    4. Automated secure export in real-time

If you have any questions about boberdoo's security features or are ready to implement any of these features in your system, please open a support ticket.